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Tortured Soul Hot For Your Love Tonight | 2015

Tortured Soul - Hot For Your Love Tonight Title: Hot For Your Love Tonight
Artist: Tortured Soul
Label: Dome
Year: 2015
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The new Tortured Soul album is “ Hot For Your Love Tonight”. In the twelve tracks on the album you will experience the feeling of dancing the night away and having a good time.

You can party all the time on the funky and soulful house beats from the band. When you have finished to listen to the album it feels like you are coming home after having a great party.

The songs “ I’ll Be There For You”, “ You Will Be Mine” and “Hot For Your Love Tonight” are sweet love songs to dance to. In the meantime you can also discuss some problems on the dance floor as we find out in “Don’t Lead Me On”. We all know the feeling that is expressed in the hot house anthem ”I Don’t Need Your Love Tonight”. That is Mother Nature working on the dance floor. In the very soulful dance track “Girl” we are allowed to take a look backstage. This song has a great classic 80-ies feel around it.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I’ll Be There For You, You Will Be Mine, Hot For Your Love Tonight, Dirty, Last Time We Make Love, I Don’t Need Your Love Tonight, Girl, Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer

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