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Syleena Johnson Chapter 6: Couples Therapy | 2014

Syleena Johnson -  Chapter 6: Couples Therapy Title: Chapter 6: Couples Therapy
Artist: Syleena Johnson
Label: Greg Baker Presents
Year: 2014
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The new chapter in Syleena Johnson’s music history is “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy”. In the fourteen tracks on this album we go through the different stages of love. Thirteen tracks actually because there are two versions of “Fool’s Gold” on the album.

Syleena Johnson sings about the ups and downs of love in a way that will appeal to all of us. It all feels so real when Syleena tells a story no matter if it is happy or sad. Maybe she has inherited this gift from her father Syl Johnson.

The album begins with “All This Way For Love” an up-tempo track about a love that is so hard to find. In the intro to this song Syleena is introduced as a r&b diva and she really lives up to that expectation on this album. In the next song “Fool’s Gold” Syleena is supported by the soulful voice of soul sister Leela James. Syleena also has some male company on the album. In wonderful “Harmony” Dave Hollister is the featured artist. You will further notice that Willie Taylor definitely is “No Beginner”. You will hear some of the sweetest contemporary r&b songs on Chapter 6: Couples Therapy”. One of them is “If I Was Your World” where it is time to put your lighter in the air. Another favorite is “Unstoppable”. Some great classic r&b grooves you will hear in “My Love” and in “If You Need To Know”. If you are hurt in “Silence” say to yourself “I Cut My Hair”.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: All This Way For Love, Fool’s Gold, Heaven In Hell, My Love, If I Was Your World, Harmony, No Beginner, If You Need To Know, Unstoppable, I Cut My Hair

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