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Imaani Standing Tall | 2014

Imaani - Standing Tall Title: Standing Tall
Artist: Imaani
Label: Dome
Year: 2014
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Finally Imaani has a debut album out entitled ”Standing Tall”. We know Imaani from the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 and from her work with British band Incognito. Her lovely debut album contains eleven tracks.

One thing we know for sure is that Imaani truly has a great voice. For many people she was the real winner from the Eurovision Song Contest although she finished second best. Standing Tall is a soulful album with a rocky title track.

The horns and the bass in the opening song “Ten Thousand” are so addictive. The groove of this song will instantly make it one of your favorites. Another favorite might be the track “Yeah”, listen to it and you will say yeah! If you are into ballads you will love “Please let Me In” where the sound of the piano fits perfectly to Imaani’s beautiful vocals. An up-tempo love song with a lovely and playful melody is “Struggling”. The social engagement of Imaani in the song “Just For One Day” will bring an overwhelming feeling of warmth into your heart. Another song to keep you really warm is “Let’ s Do It Right”. This song might remind you of the wonderful feelings you had when Phyllis Nelson sang “Move Closer” way back in the eighties.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Ten Thousand, Yeah, Please Let Me In, Struggling, Just For One Day, Let’ s Do It Right

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