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Groove Stu Artofficial Substance | 2012

Groove Stu - Artofficial Substance Title: Artofficial Substance
Artist: Groove Stu
Label: Soul Theory Entertainment
Year: 2012
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The new album of Groove Stu is entitled "Artofficial Substance". You will find sixteen sweet tracks on the album including the interlude of "Thing Called Love". It is a great follow up of the "Authentic 4.10 Sessions" album.

Groove Stu members are: keyboardist/singer Omar Sharif, vocalist Jerrod Simpson, saxophonist Brandon Moultrie and multi-instrumentalist and drummer Robert Levine. This quartet has found a great blend of music to keep the groove going. Hiphop,soul,jazz,pop,funk and rock are the elements of the album "Artofficial Substance".

The albums starts with the excellent love song "Thing Called Love". It sets the tone for the rest of the album. The lyrics are great, Omar Sharif has a lovely voice and the meldody is perfect. In "Make Believe" the rhythmically swaying harmonies on the hiphop beat will make you feel so good. The perfect R&B song on the album is "Perfect Time" with vocalist Jerrod Simpson. It is lovely to dream away on the tracks "Where I Wanna Be" and "Places". If you wanna get down on it you have to listen to "Get Right". A brilliant track a bit in the style of Earth Wind and Fire is "Celebration". It gets funky on it. But you can really hype the funk in "Come & Go With Me".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Thing Called Love, Make Believe, Perfect Time, Where I Wanna Be, Places, How U Want This, For U, Celebration, Get Right, Come & Go With Me

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