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SaveOurSoul the hottest soul show on radio with r&b,urban and classic soul music SaveOurSoul the hottest soul show on radio with r&b, urban and classic soul music - Listen to SaveOurSoul with the best in today's R&B and classic soul, site with links and info about the artists featured in the radio broadcast! Wed, 26 Jun 2019 04:27:02 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb RVW Bettye LaVette Bettye LaVette - Worthy The new album from Bettye LaVette is called “Worthy”. It is a beautiful album from a songstress with a great voice. You will love every track on it. Bettye LaVette is still going strong after all these years. Bluesy-soul, rock and roll, blues, sweet soul music and a heavenly voice are the ingredients for this worthy album. more>>

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RVW Syleena Johnson Syleena Johnson The new chapter in Syleena Johnson’s music history is “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy”. In the fourteen tracks on this album we go through the different stages of love. Syleena Johnson sings about the ups and downs of love in a way that will appeal to all of us. It all feels so real when Syleena tells a story no matter if it is happy or sad. Maybe she has inherited this gift from her father Syl Johnson. more>>

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RVW Imaani Standing Tall Imaani - Standing Tall Finally Imaani has a debut album out entitled ”Standing Tall”. We know Imaani from the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 and from her work with British band Incognito. Her lovely debut album contains eleven tracks. One thing we know for sure is that Imaani truly has a great voice. For many people she was the real winner from the Eurovision Song Contest although she finished second best. more>>

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RVW Jarrod Lawson Jarrod Lawson - Jarrod Lawson Jarrod Lawson has a self-titled debut album out. The album contains twelve tracks. The first half of the album sounds a bit jazzier than the second half. Jarrod Lawson is a singer-songwriter and a very gifted pianist from Portland, Oregon.On his debut album we hear jazz, funk, r&b and even a bluesy soul track. On the track “ Spiritual Eyes” he might remind you of Jamiroquai. more>>

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RVW Nico & Vinz Nico & Vinz Black Star Elephant The debut album from Nico & Vinz is called “Black Star Elephant”. It is a surprisingly beautiful album from this Norwegian duo. The album contains fourteen tracks and seven interludes. Vinz’ parents are Ghanaians while Nico’s father comes from the Ivory Coast. This African musical heritage combined with influences from Scandinavian pop has led to some wonderful music. more>>

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RVW Prince Prince - Art Official Age The new album from Prince is entitled “Art Official Age”. It puts the Prince we all know back on the musical throne. The music is soulful, funky and funk’ n’ roll. All the ingredients that defined the music of Prince through the years can be heard on the album. It feels like the rebirth of this artist. The album opens with the funky dance rock song “Art Official Cage”. more>>

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RVW YAkoto Y'Akoto - Moody Blues Her name is Y’Akoto and “Moody Blues” is her second full album. This German born singer-songwriter with African roots has different music styles on her album. Besides influences of soul music, reggae and rock you will also hear bits and pieces of Ghanaian highlife rhythms in her songs. Y’Akoto has a voice that you don’t often hear. She might remind you of Nina Simone but sometimes more>>>

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RVW KEM Kem - Promise To Love KEM has kept his “Promise To Love” if you listen to his new album. Thirteen love songs, mostly very smooth, are coming your way. No big surprises on this album but definitely big love. On the album Snoop Dogg, Ronald Isley and L’ Renee support KEM. It is always sweet to dream away when KEM sings. A track to illustrate this is “ The Soft Side Of Love”. more>>>

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RVW Shaun Escoffery Shaun Escoffery - In The Red Room Shaun Escoffery is back after 7 years with a new studio album called “In The Red Room”. Gil Gang who co-wrote all 12 tracks produced the album. The album opens with the first single Nature’s Call. This song is gaining airplay worldwide.This song is so catchy that you cannot help humming it the rest of the day.more>>

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RVW Angela Johnson Angela Johnson - Naturally Me Angela Johnson keeps it funky and soulful on her new album:”Naturally Me”. There are ten tracks on the album. In some of these tracks Angela goes back to the root of soul music. We hear influences from the time that soul music was only available on vinyl. Those times that big ladies of soul would put out a single on a 45-rpm record. But we also hear the influence of an artist like Prince in the song “Say Yeah”.more>>

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