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Will PrestonQ: "It's MY Will" is your debut release. How did you develop your musical skills to come this far?
A: I've been singing for as long as I can remember. The writing came a little later but was very natural. I've enjoyed a lot of great singers over the years and I think I've borrowed a little something from many of them but I've still managed to develop my own sound.

Q: Have you been part of a group in the past?
A: Not really. I sang in the youth choir of my church when I was growing up. I also did talent shows with others but outside of that I was never a member of a group. I've always enjoyed doing my own thing. When it comes to my music, I know exactly what I want and it's often difficult to have things your way when you have several people making decisions. The group experience probably would have been more limiting than beneficial for my development as a singer/writer/artist etc.

Q: Your album covers the whole spectrum of love.
A: Yes. Love is multifaceted. You must take the good with the bad and vice versa. If you isolate any aspect of love then you aren't experiencing "real" love. One very important dimension of love is knowing how to deal with the issues that arise in a relationship. That's when your love is put to the test.

Q: Are there any autobiographical songs on the album? If so which songs and how does it feel to share them with your audience?
A: I think that love is something that we all relate to in one way or another. There are definitely songs on "It's My Will" that were shot straight from my heart like Queen, It's My Will and My Love, but a lot of what I write about is based on what I see happening in other peoples relationships. It's funny though, because I receive a lot of emails from people all over saying that they can really relate to the lyrics. The reality is that, when in love, we all share similar experiences. Some just have more extreme twists and turns than others.

Q: Are there any particular circumstances in which you are at your best at writing?
A: Not really. I write so often that I can't really say that any particular circumstance puts me in a more creative mood. Surprisingly, I write a lot of good songs at the most inopportune moments. I could be in the mall or grocery store and a melody hits me. That's the worst because I usually don't have a pen or paper available. So then I walk around replaying the melody over and over in my head trying not to lose it. It's strange, but it really does happen like that. I never know what causes that spark. Most of the time, the ones that just appear out of nowhere turn out to be the best songs.

Q: Do you play any musical instruments?
A: I do a little on keys. Just enough to develop my melodies. I wish I had more time to explore instruments.

Q: What was the last record you bought and why did you buy this record?
A: I have the new CD by One Twelve. It was actually a gift and I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I plan to soon.

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In case you’ve wondered if real singers still exist, you’ll find the answer in Will Preston. Will is a multitalented singer/songwriter who possesses that rare quality that enables him to captivate all audiences. His music is a sophisticated blend of R&B and Pop, and the delivery is first class.

Will PrestonHis style is a throwback to days when perfect gentlemen reigned supreme. With a silky smooth voice that glides effortlessly through each note, Will is poised to become a major force in this business we call “show”.

It is easy to argue that he is a balladeer whose soulfulness is reminiscent of greats like Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross. In addition to these A list artists, Will counts Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, Gerald LeVert, and Fred Hammond among his favorites. “I love music. If you ask me the same question tomorrow, the answer could be more inclusive. I don’t think any single person has had a predominant influence on my style. Rather, it’s a combination of many singers that I’ve enjoyed over the years.”

With his debut release, “It’s My Will”, Will takes us on an emotional journey of love. From the ups to the downs and the in betweens, he gently takes us through it all. When asked about the album’s recurring theme, Will offers, “Love is something that we all need and want. Nothing evokes a greater feeling than knowing that you are loved.” Along with hit producer Funkeeboy, Will set out to create an album that would be enjoyed for years to come. “It was important for us to select songs with substance. If we weren’t feeling a song we’d scratch it off the list and move on. The vibe in the studio was great. We worked tirelessly to create something that people will enjoy for a long time. I think it really shows in the music.”

This release not only establishes Will as a great vocalist but as a credible writer as well. He penned most of the songs on the album including the title track “It’s My Will”. Will has managed to recapture that time in music history when songs told a story. Anyone who’s ever been in love will relate to these songs.

The journey begins with the funky guitar driven track “My Love”. You realize at that very moment you’re in for something special. “Second Chance” is a dramatic ballad that deals with someone pleading for another opportunity to make things the way they were supposed to be, while the fiery “Afterplay” reminds every man that true love is deeper than sex and physical attraction. “It’s My Will” is an infectious mid tempo ballad that’s sure to have you singing along. Will’s flexibility as a singer is proven with the Caribbean flavored track “The Letter”. “A Prayer for Me” is an explosive ballad that pleads for understanding when it seems that two hearts are drifting apart. Whether listening to the soulful “If Love Says So” or enjoying the sensuous “See My Love”, a duet with sultry Latin diva Leila, this release is sure to find a permanent place in your collection.

With a lineup that includes many other masterpieces, choosing a favorite will be no easy task. You’ll soon discover the best kept secret of our time. Ladies and gentlemen………….Will Preston

It's My Will
Will Preston - It's My Will Track Listing:
1. My Love
2. Queen
3. We Should've Stayed
4. It's My Will
5. It's Real
6. Afterplay

7. Second Chance
8. If Love Says So
9. See My Love featuring Leila
10. The Letter
11. Another Heart
12. A Prayer For Me
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