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Tyrone Lee

Tyrone LeeFrom London’s West End smash ‘Thriller Live‘ a musical celebration featuring the hit songs Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five to a debut album see’s Tyrone rise to success. ‘Self indulgent love songs’ are the first words Tyrone uses to describe his music. Having been an accomplished song-writer, backing vocalist, and featured artist for some of today’s top acts such as West Life, Leona Lewis, Peter Andre, and Incognito this is a collection of his life’s lessons, growth, moods, experiences and the things that move him. “I’d been trying to fit within the specifications that this industry can place on you, so much so that I’d almost forgotten who I am as an artist. Looking back, I suppose it’s been a journey of re-discovery. I want to be true to myself then I believe people will feel what I’m doing no matter what.”

So what moves Tyrone? Judging by this collection of songs, taking a person through the high’s and low’s, calms and intense moments we all experience in relationships and life. “I’ve been through my share of falling in and out of love, getting up, dusting myself off and moving on, and I know there’s so much more to experience. I feel like I’m laying myself bare through my songs because the listener will know exactly where I’m coming from but to me that’s what makes you connect with an audience.”

So where does the road lead for Tyrone? “My intense desire to be intimate with a nostalgic feel good grove will be a continual flow in this assortment of songs. It is ultimately, the message of love! In today’s climate, I think we lack love and understanding. There’s so much resistance to each others differences but I believe music crosses over the divide and unifies us.”

This collection of songs will put you in the mood to love, laugh, and cry or just contemplate. Allow Tyrone to take you for a sultry ride called emotions. “Most of all I want to do songs that create the sound track to people’s lives”

I don’t consider myself profound or philosophical but I do want to make statements that strike a cord and cause people to think”

This would appear to be a work years in the making and judging by his writing and thoughts, he will be around for a long time to come giving us hours of pleasure. This album is a must have in your collection, songs that will truly transcend time, space and you.

Tyrone Lee - Invitation Track Listing:
01. Time of Your Life
02. What Took You so Long
03. Hot2nite
04. Get 2 Know U
05. Sky to the Ground
06. Invitation
07. Fall 4 U
08. Get My Life Back
09. If Only I
10. Listening to Your Heart
11. Overload
12. Turn up the Heat
13. Woman in My World
Listen to Time Of Your Life

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