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TweetGold-selling R&B songstress Tweet is set to release her third (3rd) album, Love, Tweet on Jheryl Busby's Umbrella Recordings on April 8, 2008.
Tweet officially came on the music scene in 2002 under the tutelage of the talented Missy Elliott with her first release the gold-selling Southern Hummingbird. The top 5 album spawned a 1 hit single with "Oops (Oh My)" a risqué song about self love. Soon-there-after a list of who's who from Madonna to Angie Stone to Mark Ronson called to work with the rising star.

She released her 2nd album, It's Me Again, in 2005 again with Missy Elliott. It's Me Again was a Top 20 album on the Billboard charts and now with her third album, Love, Tweet, the "King of the South," T.I., lends a hand with Tweet's buzz single "Good Bye My Dear" which he produced and is featured on.

"'Good Bye My Dear' has that Atlanta sound, which I like," says Tweet. "Marz [the producer] called me one night and asked me to come by the studio, Grand Hustle, and it just happened. I always wanted to work with T.I. and didn't know how soon it would happen. But the opportunity came about and I went for it!"

In addition to T.I., Love,Tweet features production by producers such as Nisan Stewart (who worked with Tweet and Missy on previous recordings), Warren Campbell, and Novel who has produced the official 1st single "Anymore."

Umbrella Recordings' first release was on five decade diva Patti Labelle where she released her first gospel album, the 1 charting The Gospel According to Patti Labelle. The company's second (2nd) release was Carl Thomas' So Much Better.

"Time will underscore the fact Tweet is one of the most talented vocal stylists to ever stand behind a mic. Known for her vocal harmonies and strong song writing, Tweet delivers her best most diverse release in her young career." says Jheryl Busby.

TweetTweet roared onto the music scene in 2002. Listeners had already gotten some sense of the singer, songwriter and musician’s might on Missy Elliott’s “Take Away” (a single on Elliott’s 2001 CD “Miss E…So Addictive”); and if they were really paying attention, the Ja Rule single “X” from his 2001 CD “Pain Is Love.” But still, all of the sweetness of “Take Away” could have in no way prepared audiences for the bold, hypnotic, sensuality of Tweet’s first single “Oops (Oh My)” — the No. 1 R&B/Hip-Hop hit everybody had formulated their own “real story” about. And everybody — on a crowded dance floor or alone in their room — loved.

Then there was the slinkier follow-up single “Call Me,” a Top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop single made even bigger with the accompanying Verizon commercial. And the bonus about Tweet’s debut CD Southern Hummingbird — a Top 5 charter on both Billboard’s pop and R&B/Hip-Hop album chart — was it was one of those rare R&B records that was deep with single-worthy album selections like “Smoking Cigarettes,” “Motel,” and “Boogie 2nite.”

Her 2005 follow-up It’s Me Again charged back onto the scene with the single “Turn Da Lights Off” and a Top 5 album. Again, there were other album selections with single potential like vocal showcases “My Man,” “Where Do We Go From Here,” “I’m Done” and the gently beautiful reworking of TV’s “Taxi” theme, “Cab Ride.” And yet while it reached the No. 2 position on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop album chart, and the top 20 of the pop album listings, “It’s Me Again” wound up being more of a critical favorite than a commercial success.
And Tweet, for a moment, was silenced.

“They just didn’t promote it well,” Tweet says of her first record label, “and so I asked to be let off the label. Because it just wasn’t working. And I didn’t feel they were interested. And I decided I wasn’t going to do this thing anymore. I wasn’t going to sing. I wasn’t going to do music. I was so tired of the music business. Tired of the music industry.”

TweetWith that, Tweet went back to being full-time mom to her teenage daughter Tashawna, whom she introduced on the “It’s Me Again” single “Two of Us.” But it wasn’t long before she got the call. Violator Management co-owner and president Mona Scott was on the line with an offer from long-respected music veteran Jheryl Busby for an independent deal with his Umbrella Recordings. She would own her own masters and everything. “It was a good deal,” Tweet says. “And I decided, ‘Hey, why not?’ Because music was still in my heart and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t escape it.”

She titled her third release Love, Tweet because “it’s a ‘Thank You’ to my fans that never left me, who are still there on MySpace checking for new developments, and coming up to me on the streets saying ‘We’re still supporting you! Come on, we’re waiting for you!’ So it’s just a love note to my fans saying ‘Thank you’ for all of the love and support.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a note from Tweet of “Oops” fame if it weren’t a bit shocking. Be it the first release from Love, Tweet titled “Good Bye My Dear,” with fellow Atlantan and two-time Grammy-winning rapper T.I., or the first official single “Anymore,” produced by Novel (Joss Stone).

“‘Good Bye My Dear’ is something that people wouldn’t really expect for me to do,” Tweet concurs. “It’s has an Atlanta sound, which I like. Marz [the producer] called me one night and asked me to come by the studio, Grand Hustle, and the song just happened. I always wanted to work with T.I. and didn’t know how soon it would be. But the opportunity came about and I went for it!”

“Anymore,” on the other hand, “will put you in the mind of an OutKast meets Tweet kind of record. And it’s another shocker. With this album I did maybe half Tweet records, and then I took it outside of my realm.”

There’s also “Love Again,” produced by Charlie BeReal and Craig Brockman which she describes as “Mary J. ‘What’s the 411’ in a very Tweet way.” “Love Again” is about “being confused about love and wondering if you want to go there again,” states Tweet. And then there’s the acoustic record “Alone,” produced by Nisan Stewart, Charlie BeReal and Craig Brockman reminiscent of her own “Motel” from Southern Hummingbird. “‘Alone’ talks about being faithful to a person and putting all of this time in and still feeling like you’re by yourself. True story -- that happened to me.”
“I put together a lot of records I think everyone will enjoy: My Tweet fans, and also the people who really didn’t know me,” Tweet continues. “I’m introducing myself to them with an album I’m proud of.”

Sounds like the world should step back— and prepare for Tweet’s roar again.

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My Dear

Love Tweet
Tweet - Love Tweet Coming out 8 April 2008
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It's Me Again
Tweet - It's Me Again Track Listing:
01. Intro (It's Me Again)
02. Turn Da Lights Off featuring Missy Elliott
03. Iceberg
04. Could It Be featuring Rell
05. You
06. Cab Ride
07. Things I Don't Mean featuring Missy Elliott
08. My Man
09. Sports Sex And Food
10. Small Change
11. Two Of Us featuring Tashawna
12. Where Do We Go From Here
13. Steer
14. I'm Done
15. We Don't Need No Water
16. When I Need A Man
Southern Hummingbird
Tweet - Southern Hummingbird Track Listing:
01. So Much To Say (Intro)
02. My Place
03. Smoking Cigarettes
04. Best Friend
05. Always Will
06. Boogie 2nite
07. Oops (Oh My)
08. Make Ur Move
09. Motel
10. Beautiful
11. Complain
12. Heaven
13. Call Me
14. Drunk
15. Southern Hummingbird: Outro
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