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Tim TerryIf Soul is dead, then the solution is Tim Terry. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, whose musical influences were Rhythm and Blues' disciples of Soul, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Willie Hutch, Al Green and Isaac Hayes. Their spirits led a young Tim Terry into the river's bank to be baptized in funk and chosen to spread the gospel of soul revival. In an industry where talent is not appreciated or respected, Tim Terry is determined to bring the honesty and purity of music back from the dead. "Music can be political and moving without celebrating hate." His music transcends musical boundaries and ethic regions and does not forget to honor love.

Tim Terry's humble beginnings as an artist were recognized in the church, which soon led him to become a major force in the gospel industry. Accompanying such respected artists as Bobby Jones and New Life, The Music City Mass Choir and featured appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and The Dove Awards.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, this prolific artist made a smooth transition into the rhythm and soul arena. His talents were evident and in demand. Having toured with such artists as George Duke, Kirk Whalum and Cameo. endowed him with the grass roots to found his own production company, T. Terry Productions, where he has assisted other artists in perfecting their musical abilities. He is currently featured on Nick Cannon's album on the song "My Rib." His current project, "The Tim Terry Experience," embodies a multitude of musical influences and journeys through the pains of life and love through song.

What challenged Tim in this day of sampling and throwbacks is to put real R & B back into the music using real, identifiable players and great melodies and lyrics. Tim's new album, or CD as we call it these days, is filled with soulfully funky and romantic excursions into his life's experiences. Tim hopes to challenge the listener and let him/her make their own decisions about his music, because he gives his heart and soul with great care and sincerity to fill a void that has been missing from the airwaves for too long.

With songs like "On the Dance Floor," "Get It On," and "Can't Get You," Tim wants to soothe the savage beast within US all.And with his flavor of organic vibration that will make us fall in love again and again. His live show is not one to be missed either. It consists of a live band with horns, bass, drums, guitar, keys, and background singers. He goes all out to excite the listener and make everyone get down. Tim Terry is poised to share his version of Memphis history with world and get people feeling the groove once again.

The Tim Terry Experience
The Tim Terry Experience - The Tim Terry Experience Track Listing:
1. On the Dance Floor
2. I'm Ready
3. Party
4. Get It On
5. Imagine That
6. Slippin

7. Can't Get You
8. The One
9. Still in Love
10. Walter Lee
11. Everything
12. Can't Get You (Sexy Mix)
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