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Love Is On My Mind

Q: What is your drive to make music?
A: It's an innate drive...I think I've always had it...Music is my earliest I think it's more reflex than anything else...I love being able to express myself, to reflect on experiences and elaborate on them, to find resolution through the writing process...and then to top it all off with the high of releasing the emotion and passion through performance...I can't help but do it...

Q: Why did you make the switch from gospel to soul?
A: I wanted the opportunity to talk about a range of subjects...and to explore differenct facets of life...including, but not limited to the spiritual...I admired what people like Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway did...they had to come out of the church to give the world the beautiful music that they did.

Q: By which artists have you been musically influenced?
A: Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Teena Marie, Rick James, Prince, Laura Nyro, Reba Rambo, Andrae Crouch, The Clark Sisters...and the list goes on...

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Unfortunately no...I took piano lessons when I was younger, but didn't have the focus for it...I taught myself a few guitar chords, but would never dare play in public!

Q: What kind of music genres do you like?
A: R&B/Soul, Gospel, Hip-hop, Jazz, Folk...

Q: How do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?
A: Personal experiences, friends, dreams, singer's voices sometimes tell me stories...In fact, it was Phillip Bailey's voice that inspired the mood of "Promise to Stay"...

Q: On your "Love is on my Mind" you wrote a "Tone Poem". Do you consider to write poetry besides songwriting and singing?
A: Absolutely! Poetry is one of my loves...and I view my songs as more structured poems...People like Nikki Giovanni, Ntzoake Shange, Tupac Shakur have all been inspirations to me as poets...They all represent different facets of language and words...I've been writing poetry since I was a I very much would like to do a poetry book one of these days.

Q: What is your motto in life?
A: "It only matters when love is the center"...Live in truth and abundance of love.

Q: Which was the latest album you bought and why?
A: Teena Marie-"La Dona"...I'm probably her biggest fan...and am so happy that she's back with a new record...The whole CD is brilliant...

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If you take the fire of the most emotive gospel singer, the passion of the most infamous soul men, and the poetic introspection of the “serious” singer/songwriters and put them together, the result is the music and artistry of Tim Dillinger.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Tim was reared on the sounds of gospel artists such as Andraé Crouch, The Hawkins Family and The Clark Sisters, as well as the soulful sounds of Teena Marie, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan. As Tim became an avid reader, he was inspired by the masterful writings of literary legends James Baldwin, Ntozake Shange and Richard Wright, which influenced him in his ever-developing craft as a songwriter.

Tim began working professionally at the age of 18, traveling and singing with Grammy nominated gospel artist Beverly Crawford. That opportunity brought him further work with artists such as Grammy nominated vocalist Táta Vega and Grammy Award winning Christian artist Reba Rambo. Tim relocated to Nashville in 2001 and transitioned out of the gospel arena and into mainstream R&B. He began singing hooks for hip-hop artists such as Nina Ross, Big Chopper and Kyhil, establishing a reputation in the southern region. He formed his own multi-media company, Icon’s Pen Media LLC, and began collaborating with producer Dale Babb (Juvenile, Granddaddy Souf, Haystack).

In 2004, the world was introduced to his work through his debut album, Love Is On My Mind. Critically acclaimed in both the States and Europe, the album spawned the single, “Can’t Help But Say”, which held the #1 spot on London’s Jazz FM for two weeks. Tim traveled aboard to promote the album and performed at numerous venues including London’s infamous Hippodrome, dazzling audiences with his four-octave range.

On the States side, Tim was nominated for two Southern Entertainment Awards (R&B Artist of the Year and R&B Album of the Year). He was also cast in the Nashville production of Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity, which brought him rave reviews. His electrifying, standing room only shows in Nashville have solidified Tim as one of the most exciting performers on the scene.

Tim's brand new release, The Muse, reunites him with producer Dale Babb and features collaborations with Frank McComb and Daryl Coley. Musically, the album is a further interpolation of Tim's influences, both lyrical and musical, and his most introspective work to date. "I feel like this album is a continuation of the realization of my vision. My understanding of what that vision is continues to unfold, so each album is another step in watching that process happen."

Ornamented with live strings and horns, The Muse was created with his influences in mind. "I listened to alot of Laura Nyro during the whole process, so from her, I took a very earthy influence in what I was hearing melodically. In addition to her, there was Marvin Gaye, Minnie Riperton, Sam Phillips and Tupac Shakur, who all had very distinct sounds. From each of them I found another facet of when everything got melted together, I was grinning from ear to ear...because I heard their influence between the lines."

Unpretentious and understated, but overwhelmingly intense, The Muse is a magical experience, from start to finish. Topics range from racism ("I'm Not Colorblind") to the music industry ("Never Let Them Change You") to spirituality ("Ode To The Muse") and, of course, love ("That's What I Feel", "You Are My Joy"). "The Muse is a story...It delves into the areas of my life that I had to walk through to find my core...the place of authenticity...where the journey was no longer about trying to be famous or accepted, but to speak my truth and to deliver it in a way that felt real for me."

Tim’s unique blend of vocal mastery, poetry, and the infusion of his R&B, soul, jazz and gospel influences, prove that he is an artist with a vision, determined to be a part of the renaissance bringing true artistry back to the forefront. "I want to make music that I can feel. In turn, that feeling translates to the audience and they find something that they can feel and relate to in it."

The Muse
Tim Dillinger - The Muse Track Listing:
01. The Road I Chose (Spoken Word)
02. That's The Kind of Love
03. I Wish featuring D-LO
04. You're Gone
05. The Universal Source (Spoken Word)
06. Never Let Them Change You featuring Kinetic & Black Folk Inc.
07. (I'm Not) Colorblind
08. Tell Me That I Can
09. I Looked For You This Morning featuring Akua Taylor
10. That's The Kind of Love (Reprise) featuring Frank McComb
11. It's In The Air
12. That's What I Feel
13. You Are My Joy
14. I Will Stay
15. Ode To The Muse (Spoken Word) featuring Brenda Porter & Angela Bennett
16. Seasons (Interlude/Spoken Word) featuring Daryl Coley
17. Seasons of Change featuring Daryl Coley
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Love Is On My Mind
Tim Dillinger - Love Is On My Mind

Track Listing:
01. Interlude: You Know I Love You
02. The Day You Held Me
03. Can't Help But Say
04. The Way You Love Me
05. Just Doesn't Matter
06. Dreams (Come Alive)
07. Promise to Stay
08. Suddenly (Love Is On My Mind)
09. Segue: 'Til The Six Is Nine: A Tone Poem
10. 'Til The Six Is Nine
11. You Take The Clouds Away
12. In Your Arms

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