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Am I All Alone?

Suaii've been interested in music since i was a really little girl. mom is a singer/songwriter/musician and kinda gave me a gentle nudging towards music when i was about 3 years old. we'd sing songs in the bathroom in front of the mirror (for acoustic purposes of course). about 11 years later i wrote my first song in our living room, it was, i really can't remember. it was good tho!! shortly thereafter, partly because of the great response to my songs and partly because i loathed high school, i decided to dedicate myself completely to music !! i even picked up the guitar and wrote a few folky tunes (hopefully they'll be revisited someday). i made it through high school, recorded a demo and started shopping around for a record deal. after i signed with Motown i thought things were gonna change overnight....not!! 3 years later i'm working at Starbucks and still living at home. the time has been good for me though. i've recorded an AMAZING album, performed in more than a few cities, including my own, and i've developed a strong sense of the kind of artist i want to be ...something i wasn't totally sure of a few years yeah, about the music.. "suai, when i buy your album, what can i expect?" you can expect awesomenesstivity!! no seriously, if you love music, you'll love this album. it's all the things you love about music right now, used to love and will love in the future all packaged up together for your listening pleasure! every song has it's own individual vibe but the glue that holds it all together "who have you worked with?" everybody and their mamas too!! lol, i've been recording for almost 3 years. i've been all over the map collaborating with a ton of producers and writers. but you're lookin for names, right? ok, here ya go: Linda Perry, Akon, Dre & Vidal, Carvin & Ivan, Dallas Austin, B. Cox, Polow (da don, lol), Ne-yo, Neffu, Harold Lilly, Madd Scientist, Claude Kelly and Jevon "Duvall" Hill to name a few.. oh and yours truly did some production work too!! (don't believe me? check the credits..) "what's the album called? and when is it droppin'?!?!" we've got a few working titles and it's droppin' soon!!! "should i bootleg? or buy?" omg, BUY!! if you bootleg, you won't get to read my liner notes, see pictures or have a firm plastic surface to fill out your bank deposit slips on. also, i won't be able to have a huge tour and create jobs by hiring a huge crew...then that huge crew won't have money to recycle back into the economy. so you see, it's imperative that you BUY MY ALBUM! "ok, i'm sold! where can i see you perform?" well, i'm glad you asked. i've got a bunch of videos on youtube ( and i post all of my upcoming performances on my official website ( i hope to see you at a show!! thanks for checkin me out! love ya! be blessed! suai

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"Am I All Alone"

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