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The Scotsman

Steve HarveyIf creating beautiful music held its weight in gold, then Steve Harvey would be tipping the largest scales in the world. There’s no question of a doubt everything he touches turns to gold. It’s no surprise then that the Scottish native is the creator behind some of the most highly acclaimed independent soul albums including Frank McComb’s ‘The Truth’ and Donnie’s ‘The Coloured Section’.

Harvey however is a rare breed. He lives, breathes, sleeps and embodies pure soul which is laid bare and clearly evident in his productions. He’s earned his flawless reputation as a world class musician, passionate songwriter and meticulous producer by creating music that is faithful to the original ‘motown-way’ but with a unique innovative edge. ‘The Everyday People Project Vol.1’ plays homage to the ingenuity and passion of black music’s heyday and remains true to the real meaning of soul music. Every instrument on every cut is played live. It’s the old school values of writing, arranging and production that makes the album so enchanting. He has also made it fashionable to return to the traditional ways of creating music in an age when zealous producers’ overuse drum machines and sampled loops. The traditional way is exactly what younger soul artists are looking to capture. Although he is championing and flying the flag for traditional soul music he is also heading a new vanguard of young artists bringing forward the sound of modern day soul. No doubt then that legends The Temptations insisted on him to craft the sound for their latest album ‘Legacy’.

His prolific reputation as ‘the man to come to for a hit album’ exceeds all of his expectations. He grew up as a session musician in London’s live music scene. He never imagined he could receive such accolades from his musical peers. Having been brought up on a healthy diet of Count Basie, Ray Charles, Sinatra and in his teenage years, Bowie, Hendrix and Zepplin it was in fact Stevie Wonder that captured the young Harvey’s attention.

Today, Harvey’s ‘Musicyard Studios’ has paid witness to the creation of outstanding tracks from conception to completion for an incredible spectrum of artists including The Commodores, Al Jarreaux, Trina Broussard and more recently Brigette. His seal on a record has become synonymous with pure quality music and many a budding soul musician aspires to take the pilgrimage to his studio in LA.

Steve HarveyBut today he brings us his first album as Steve ‘the Scotsman’ Harvey. Entitled ‘The Everyday People Project Vol.1’ and includes tracks from a limited edition vinyl EP entitled ‘The Soul Quarter’. The highly acclaimed EP was an introduction to this now much anticipated full length LP. These 10 finely crafted songs are Harvey’s first offering in the form of an album and remain faithful in characterising his trademark soulful air. To help him on his journey he enlists the sublime vocals of some of the leading men and women of soul that he has worked alongside. With a musical nod to Harvey, we see roles reversed and artists including Ledisi, Donnie, Rahsaan Patterson, N’Dambi and Keite Young turning out to feature on his album.

Counting Chaka Khan, Lalah Hathaway and Billy Preston as friends as well as fellow musicians, there an entire treasure trove of gems that Steve has yet to let us discover. He is soon to begin work on a new album alongside Donnie which will be the follow up to the much applauded and loved ‘The Coloured Section’. In the meantime this album will no doubt be sure to please the legion of longtime fans and promises to inspire a brand new array of followers who up to now have been lost in the soul wilderness. Until then all that remains is to turn on and tune in to this magical journey.

The Everyday People Project volume one
Steve Harvey - The Everyday People Project volume one Track Listing:
1. I Can't Let You Go featuring Ledisi
2. Where Has The Love Gone featuring KK
3. Stay With Me featuring N'Dambi
4. That's The Way featuring Rahsaan Patterson
5. Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth featuring Donnie
6. Troubled Times featuring Linn Segolson
7. Time featuring Keite Young
8. I Can't Leave You Alone featuring Storm
9. Shake It Off featuring Pretty Terry
10. If We Were Alone featuring N'Dambi & Keite Young
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