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Afropean Soul Music

Picture This:
Three fine-tuned vocalists that have worked with the likes of Craig David, Youssu’n’Dour, Zap Mama (herself being featured on Erykah Badu’s latest release), and a new-kid-on-the-block producer cross paths, merge their creative juices and to their amazement, realize they are giving birth to a new sound….They can’t really put a name to it – somewhere in there is a flavour of their personal music influences: ranging from the classical Donny Hathaway, the Nu Soul-Philly sound, all the way to Urban HipHop. Is there a common thread?…absolutely…S.O.U.L!!
The creation of a collective by the name of Soul:ID was the logical next step for the talented four, now clearly on their way to seduce the world with their unique recipes of soulful vocals and gut-wrenching basslines.

The What…
Here’s the setting: four individuals meet, as if by destiny….. Three singers, borne of the great lakes in Africa, hook up with an urban producer, all of them having slightly different musical preferences but a common love for S.O.U.L ….So what happens in the musical dimension?... Soul music is the essence that holds these four together and is the raw ingredient that has inspired the creation of an original sound. Just what is this sound – for the sake of being proper, let’s just call their musical output: Afropean.

The Why…
Just how strong can this Afropean-Soul-Essence be? Put it this way, the four are seasoned musicians, so why not seek individual fame and glory as solo artists? Answer: friendship ties. Nourished by a deep friendship, the four have pooled their creative juices, exchanged artistic soulful-ness: choosing to deflect any ego-serving negativity with original creations dealing with love, relationships, hopes…well, you know the deal… The musical landscape painted by the four is a kaleidoscope of the different experiences, stories, told with many different flavours of rhythm, melody, rhyme and harmony.
If you can get past the good looks, you’ll quickly realise that this band is a tight unit made of real people.

The Who…
Dad’D: is one half of a dynamic duo production unit with his older brother - their credits include a multitude of french major-label R’n’B releases; heavily influenced by old skool soul (Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway).
Urban Deep: a skilled session drummer and beatmaster, drives the HipHop edge into Soul:ID’s beats. Main influences: Jay’Dilla’Dee, ?uestlove.
Tchaï: experienced, talented female vocalist; toured the U.S. with ZapMama; still remembers the day she musically fell in love with D’Angelo & Erykah Badu.
V: the stylish, extravagant Soulman – stretches his talents between singing and photomodeling; has Marvin Gaye, Bilal & Bob Marley permanently stuck in his cd-player...

Soul:idThe How…
The whole thing began as Tchaï’s solo project – an original collaboration between herself and Urban Deep. Their friend Dad’D was called in on occasion to help out in the creative process, contributing on compositions and vocal-arrangements. The vibe and energetic output from the three elevated the sound to new heights, and so it came as no surprise when someone had the bright idea to form a collective. In no time at all, a fourth member, V, was invited to join Tchaï, Urban Deep and Dad’D: V had been orbiting around them in the studio for some time already….

The When…
Soul:ID are in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album. A promo release of their signature tune,‘Believe’, is out in circulation in London’s radios and club scene - distributed by London based ‘One Trak Records’.

Listen to the single Believe by Soul:id, you will need real audio to play it.

Believe (Radio Edit) The Official Soul:id Web Site.