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Simone ElizabethWhile growing up in North West London, Simone Elizabeth was exposed to a broad range of musical genres. The daughter of classical musicians descending from Trinidad & Tobago, Simone’s first experiences of singing came while studying classical performance. The influence of her brother and sister exposed her to popular music as diverse as Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Folk, Hip Hop and R&B, which encouraged Simone to break free from the constraints of the classical world.

Through songwriting, Simone found a means by which she could fully express herself and also project her bubbly, sexy, yet sophisticated personality. Seeking music to inspire and complement her stylish compositions, Simone turned to Think Tank Productions. This partnership provided the immediate chemistry and effortless creativity Simone craved and produced songs of a witty, cutting edge and hugely accessible nature. And it is through her electrifying live performances that her charismatic personality and natural energy shine through the strongest.

Here is a track of Simone Elizabeth that you can listen to, you will need real audio to play it

Instant Attraction