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Every Woman Dreams

ShaniceIt’s always been about the voice for Shanice. Boasting a five-octave range, which she handles with beauty and ease, it’s good to know that she is back on the music scene after a 5-year hiatus, over which she did a lot of writing, performing and also started a family of her ownThe title of her new album, "Every Woman Dreams," encapsulates the spirit of the whole project. No longer the innocent 18 year old that stole our hearts with the wildly addictive "I Love Your Smile," she brings a more adult flavor to this new set of sexy songs. "Every Woman Dreams" also serves as the first single and tells the story of a woman that has been through hardships with past relationships but now touts the confidence to demand the kinds of things from a man that her heart truly desires. "Every Woman Dreams is based one hundred percent on my life experience", Shanice explains. "Sometimes in life we get a little insecure, not only with our relationship with a man, but in general, life. I want women to stop settling and to start feeling good about themselves, Lovin’ ourselves." Shanice soulfully brings it home vocally on this song and eerily evokes the spirit of soul and blues diva Betty Wright. For fans longing for her return, she will delightfully satisfy their hunger, her voice having gotten even tastier with time. Now managed by Vida Nash, president of RHM Management (Record Hit Makers, LLC) and with her own label Imajah Records, Shanice has a joint-venture with Play:Tyme Entertainment headed by Richard Nash, CEO and Mike Kelly, President, and is no longer shackled by the constraints of a major record company. She is now able to soar to new heights musically and we are blessed to be along for the ride. "I’m free from the record company, I’m free as a woman. I just feel free in so many ways," she exclaims happily when asked about being an independent artist. Now the mother of two children and happily married to comedian Flex Alexander who currently stars on the UPN network show "One on One," and who also co-wrote "Take Care of You" and "Things In The Movies,"

Shanice has come full circle. She admits that her songwriting is meatier now that she has experienced marriage and motherhood. She also makes clear that in the past she always had a big hand in writing the material on her albums and has always produced her own vocals, but now she is actually being credited for her efforts. It’s been a long journey for the international soul virtuoso. Having been in the music business since she was 11 years old, Shanice started her career by taking the top prize on the world-renowned show Star Search. She also appeared on the popular Kids Incorporated, recorded 4 albums, was nominated for a Grammy and starred on Broadway in Les Miserables as well as making countless guest appearances on television.

ShaniceWith all of the work she has put in, she still has an undeniable passion for music. "Every Woman Dreams" benefits greatly from all of Shanice’s experience. With songs like "So Free," "Keep it to Yourself," "Crazy 4 U," "Take Care of You" and "Chocolate," which features the highly regarded Grammy nominated violinist Regina Carter, we are invited on a grown & sexy lyrical journey. Working with her this time around is an eclectic mix of writers, producers and a poet that include the producing team PMG (Tony "T-Nyse" Minter, Richard "Ruk" Garcia, and Dominique "Domzino" Rodriguez) who along with Shanice co-produced "Every Woman Dreams," "Keep It To Yourself," "Take Care of You" and "Get Up." "They’re the next hot producing team and I’m very excited to have worked with them," explains Shanice. Bud’da of Bout Bud’da Music lends a hand with "Things In The Movies", Mike City of Mike City Productions gives up a great steppers record with "That’s Why I Love You" and super producer Jamie Jaz who has worked with musical wunderkind Rahsaan Patterson contributed to six of the twelve tracks that are incredible. Shanice also expresses her love for spoken word as she utilizes the beautiful, talented poet Rain Wilson finessing you through this album of songs. Most notably rounding out the cast of contributors is the multi-talented, Prince inspired musician, Sheila E. "To have Sheila E. on my album doing the remix for ‘Get Up’ is very exciting. Sheila is the baddest percussionist and she free-styles everything. She is very honorable, spiritual and sweet," asserts Shanice.Sheila E. expresses immense joy when asked about working with Shanice. "It’ is said that music is to be the speech of angels. Shanice’s gift is truly from a heavenly place. It was a blessing and pleasure to work with her after all these years. She is definitely one of the great voices of the 21st century. I’m not only a friend, but a fan!" she proclaims.

All in all there are 13 tracks on the disc and the music ranges from funky, up-tempo grooves that feed the sexual palate to beautiful full-bodied ballads that Shanice is famous for. "Forever Like a Rose" is a song that Shanice says that at first listen could be interpreted as being a "sad love song," but it’s actually a touching and emotional dedication to her father of whom she was separated from for a time as a child. There is great depth & passion on this effort and Shanice says that it doesn’t stop here with the music. She plans to get back out in front of the camera soon as an actress as well. "Shanice’s voice and personality has ripened into a seductive, grown and very sexy young woman," declares her management team. "She is a phenomenal artist that must be reckoned with and Play:Tyme Entertainment is honored to establish a joint-venture with such a talent. She has found her niche in the music industry and is ready to soar to new recording heights. World get ready because Shanice’s "Every Woman Dreams" is blazing with smash hit records and her fans will be very delighted to have her back on the music industry scene. "Captured on this recording is the spirit and essence of a woman that has refused to play by the rules of the game and instead has decided to make her own. The result is a seamless musical endeavor that will endear her die-hard fans to her while attracting a new crop of music lovers that appreciate pure raw vocal ability of which Shanice has been enormously blessed.

Every Woman Dreams
Shanice - Every Woman Dreams Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Get Up
3. Every Woman Dreams
4. Things In The Movies
5. Keep It To Yourself
6. Take Care Of U
7. So Sexy
8. That's Why I Love You
9. Crazy For U
10. So Free
11. Chocolate
12. Loving You
13. Forever Like A Rose
14. I Can't Imagine
15. Joy
16. Outro
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The Ultimate collection: The Best Of Shanice
Shanice - The Ultimate collection: The Best Of Shanice Track Listing:
1. Jesus Loves Me
2. Keep Your Inner Child Alive (Interlude)
3. I Love Your Smile
4. (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance
5. No 1/2 Steppin'
6. Do I Know You
7. Just a Game
8. Way You Love Me
9. Lovin' You
10. I'm Cryin'
11. Silent Prayer
12. You Were the One
13. You Didn't Think l'D Come Back This Hard
14. Somewhere
15. I Like
16. I Wish
17. Turn Down the Lights
18. Never Changing Love
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Shanice - Shanice Track Listing:
1. You Need a Man
2. When I Close My Eyes
3. Yesterday
4. Wanna Hear You Say
5. Fly Away
6. Don't Fight It
7. Ain't Got No Remedy
8. Doin' My Thang
9. Fall for You
10. You Can Bounce
11. Somebody Else
12. Reason
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21 Ways To Grow
Shanice - 21 Ways To Grow Track Listing:
1. Ways To Grow
2. I Care
3. Don't Break My Heart
4. Turn Down The Lights
5. Somewhere
6. Ace Boon Coon
7. I Like
8. I'll Be There
9. I Wish
10. When I Say That I Love You
11. I Wanna Give It To You
12. Never Changing Love
13. Needing Me
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Shanice - Innerchild Track Listing:
1. Keep Your Inner Child Alive (Interlude)
2. I Love Your Smile
3. Forever In Your Love
4. I'm Cryin'
5. I Hate To Be Lonely
6. Stop Cheatin' On Me
7. Silent Prayer
8. Peace In The World
9. Lovin' You
10. You Ain't All That
11. Shanice & Mookie Meet Homey (Interlude)
12. You Didn't Think I'd Come Back This Hard
13. You Were The One
14. I Love Your Smile (Hakeem's Mix)
15. Goodnight (Interlude)
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Shanice - Discovery Track Listing:
1. I Think I Love You
2. No 1/2 Steppin
3. (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance
4. Spend Some Time With Me
5. He's So Cute
6. I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend
7. Do I Know You
8. Just A Game
9. The Way You Love Me
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