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ShamoraPassion, drive, and talent are a few descriptors of the extraordinary singer/songwriter Shamora Crawford. Emerging onto the urban music scene in early 2000, Shamora began a songwriting journey that has allowed her to work with the music industry’s hottest talent. As an artist in her own right, Shamora is now sharing with the world "How It Feels…", a lush oasis of emotional depth, rhythmic excellence, and impassioned lyrics. She is truly enjoying every moment of it.

Atlanta’s own Shamora Crawford has been expressing her musical gifts since she was just a small child. Pondering constantly on the dynamics of love and life, Shamora infused her unsung wisdom into lyrics and melodies that would later invite listeners into her own intimate world. At the tender age of seventeen, she signed a contract with Ground Breaking Music/Sony Publishing Company, an event that changed her life forever. Since then, she has worked with extraordinary producers: SoulShock and Karlin, Hod David, Jermaine Dupri, Dent, Darryl Simmons, Tricky Stewart, Phil Gladstone, Sean “Sepp” Hall, Platinum Brothers, and Teddy Bishop. She has also written, produced vocals, and sang background on recording for Monica, Brandy, Blu Cantrell, Jennifer Lopez, Tierra Mari, Posh Spice, Toya, Maria, and the gospel group Virtue. In honor of her writing and production work for Virtue’s “Only God’s In This”, she was nominated for a coveted Dove Award. Shamora can also be heard on her soundtrack contributions to "The Barbershop" and "Pandora's Box," which have further helped Shamora secure her place as a singing/songwriting phenomenon.

Shamora's soulful debut release, "How It Feels...“, serves as a story book that shares how it feels to love, how it feels to struggle, how it feels to endure pain, and how it feels to experience all the joy that is reserved for those that persevere.

The first single, "Betcha" is a woman’s daring challenge to have her man attempt to walk for a moment in the manipulative conditions set for her in the relationship.

"Cry No More", vividly explores a woman’s dilemma in coping with the heartache of a former love and the steps taken to find the strength to move on.

The people's struggle anthem, "Stronger", inspires hope from hopelessness and vocally delivers with a passion and skill that many artists work years to perfect.

“My Life” is the joyful exclamation point for a life well-loved and lived. Tempo and melody are married to produce a remarkable track of instant gratification.

Shamora states: "This album has something for everyone and that is what my goal was.”

In concert, the words intimate and soul-inspiring best describe the atmosphere of a Shamora performance. Her audience is led into a world of deep emotional revelation.

“As a songwriter and singer you want people to be touched by your work and also understand that you are human just like them. I want my songs to be a work that makes people feel as if someone read their journal and stated the emotions they could not find the words for."

"I am so busy sometimes working on different things such as touring, but I love every moment of it," exclaims Shamora. Victories, defeats, hurts, and joys are all celebrated in this eclectic debut ensemble. Not only has Shamora proven to be a true testament to the virtue of patience, she has also made herself a prime example that success does not change or dictate "How It Feels…" to live.

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