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Life's a journey... seek your own path

Q: The name Seek suggests that you're looking for something in music. What is it you're searching for?
LisaA: I'm always searching in every aspect of my life- in music, I'm seeking (rather 'we' as a band are seeking) to evolve and liberate ourselves from labels (like 'black music' or 'neo-soul' , 'alternative' ) - we're seeking to take diversity, and adversity for that matter, and form it into something beautiful and embracing that moves and people and challenges their preceptions, no matter what your background is. If there is a 'heaven' within the boundaries of music- that's the heaven that I'm looking for.

Q: Your music sounds peaceful, what are things that can make you angry?
A: Ignorance, lack of compassion or consideration, abusive behavior- especially towards children. As far as Ignorance goes- it's understandable if one is naive or unknowledgable, but it really disturbs me when people form opinions or preceptions about something that they don't really get. I don't believe in being presumptuous.

Q: What was the funniest moment during recording the album "Journey Into Day"?
A: The process can be pretty funny, because of the conditions we record under! The studio is located in freddy's house, which is near an airport, so we frequently had to stop recording due to the sound of planes going by. Then there was 'the construction' - workers were coming and going: plumbers, painters,etc. - freddy was doing some renovations to the house, and everything just so happened to come about at once. One day we had to fore go recording my vocals (I record in a closet, with a blue light for vibe- of course) because of the demolition of the toilet going on down the hall!

Q: How is it to work with 5 other members in the band who might have their own ideas about music, doesn't it clash sometimes?
A: Yes it does- but when you're working with a group of very creative and driven individuals it always will now and one can claim otherwise. Good bands are built on mutual respect and creative integrity- the creative integrity of the album comes first, above ego.We've been together for a minute too, so we're like family- we disagree, we sulk ...we move through states of democracy, revolt, and communism- but we always remember what's brought us together, once we start to play, it's the music that counts.

Q: You and Freddy Luster met in the Ying Yang Café at an open-mike poetry session. Were you performing the spoken word and do you still do poetry besides singing?
A: Actually, it was the Red Light Cafe. No, those open mike sessions were also open to singers, poets, and musicians alike. Before we met, I used to just take the songs I had and sing them for people acapella.

Q: Who influenced you musically?
A: So many artist- I used to imitate the singers I watched in old black and white movies from the 40's , like Lena Horne in "Stormy Weather". Later I fell in love with reading the lyrics of songwriters like James Taylor, Michael Franks, Stevie Wonder and Carol King. I loved to sing along to Natalie Cole songs and Chaka Khan taught me the soul and mystical nature of being a women. All throughout though, my biggest influence was my Father, because he taught me the diversity of musical expression. He introduced me to jazz, rock, soul, classical- from Elton John and The Beatles, to Ella Fitzgerald and Roberta Flack. From Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix, to Vivaldi, The Eagles and John Coltrane. There is so much to gain ,especially creatively, from having an appreciation for different styles of music, and my dad raised me on the classics.

Q: On which song other than one of your own, you like to dance the most?
A: Anything by The Gypsy Kings!

Q: Suppose you'd make a journey to a place far away from home. Which 2 albums of your home collection you would take with you?
A: Seal (2nd album) and this great Brazilian music compilation a friend gave to me.

Q: What's your favourite song on Journey into day? Why?
A: "Rise". It's all there- my minds every shade of blue. What I realized as a sad song- Freddy and Crisco nutured into a butterfly. I think every aspect of it is beautifully natural and honest, down to the sax solo that was recorded on mixing day by Alex Lowe (also sound engineer). He just dropped it in one take- it was very cool, like that last sprinkle of sugar. Mmmmmm... In fact- I cried when I first heard the finished take, because listening to the song brought to the surface all of the emotions that went into my writing it. It also has two angles- like, you think it's about one thing, but it's really about so much else depending on your state. It is meant to be inspiring, if that's what people gain from it- but it really came out of a state of desperation. Inside, I felt a sense of hopelessness when I wrote it. "Rise" was about letting go of the burdens of life, or the "to be or not to be.." question. But, it's also about overcoming the urge to give up- it's all about making it through this journey in one piece and a little wiser

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In your quest for universal music there is a sound that transcends time. At that legendary crossroad intersecting the past, present and future you will find the music your soul has been searching for. Standing out from the tepid background of modern music, as the pop genre continues to break into new territory, the sound of seek crosses the lines of traditional music genres conforming to only one niche: good music.

seek fuses classic sounds with the latest cutting-edge musical nuances. The refreshingly thought-provoking lyrics woven through soulful grooves complete a sound that is elegant in its composition, inspirational in its delivery, and like nothing you've ever heard. These original songs will simultaneously move your feet and stir your soul.

SeekIn 1999 seek released their debut album, "Venus and Mars", which was independently produced and distributed by their hometown venue Yin Yang Music Café (also the home of Grammy nominated recording artist India.Aire). They sold close to 7500 copies of their CD, receiving great reviews and picking up fans along the way.

For the past year seek has released 12" singles on Giant Step Records, featuring remixes by noted producers Ron Trent, Kemeticjust, and Stuart Matthewman (of Sade). Although these soul-inspiring songs were produced for the dance floor, they provided a glimpse into the musical journey of seek while holding true to their songwriting craft and eclectic rhythms.

Now seek steps forth with their sophomore effort, "Surrender". It is the expression of their musical evolution, incorporating all of their 12" singles as well as other classic-sounding progressive grooves, evoking many elements of the soulful '70s with a 21st century twist.

They hold true to their raw independent style of recording and productions, having completely recorded the album in a converted garage that doubles as their rehearsal space. During the process, many events, both personal and global, provided the inspirational backdrop for the material, an eclectic mix of songs that Lisa Terry (lead singer/lyricist) calls "danceable lullabies". "The songs are mainly about embracing your destiny and surrendering to it, whether it's life, love, or your search for something to believe in," says Lisa.

Freddy Luster (producer/guitarist) adds, "Musically we just tried to stay true to ourselves and our influences which are pretty diverse, from Sade to the Isley Brothers, from Carole King to Everything But the Girl, from Seal to Jamiroquai. What I like about those artists is that they all have a unique ability to weave through musical genres and stand alone in their own box. I think music like that makes great impact on the musical landscape."

The new album is released in the US through Soulestial Elements, a new independent label backed by Rolling Out magazine, distributed by Baker and Taylor distribution. Come stand at that legendary crossroad between the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow... Experience seek, and find the music your soul has been searching for.

Journey Into Day
Seek - Journey Into Day Track Listing:
1. Open The Way
2. Rise
3. Talk About It
4. Something Real
5. Believe Me
6. Last Night

7. Some All Night Dancing
8. Taken
9. Loving Heart
10. Journey Into Day
11. Right Here (Seekronized Remix)
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Seek - Surrender Track Listing:
1. Livin' the Life
2. Give
3. Right Here
4. Everafter
5. Out
6. Surrender
7. Elevate

8. Somedays
9. Lift
10. The Story of Us
11. Sky High
12. Shine
13. ? (Bonus track)
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Venus & Mars
Seek - Venus & Mars Track Listing:
1. Somedays
2. Like Breathing
3. Aimes la Vie
4. Lucipher's Wings
5. Venus and Mars
6. En Mi Vida

7. Before You
8. Mountains
9. Labor of Love
10. Interlude
11. Ask Yourself
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Dome Records, Seek's Record Label.