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Dutch R&B group Sat-R-Day have teamed up with US rapper Coolio for a track of their forthcoming album. The track with Coolio is called "Don't Go". The two are label mates on Zyx Music and also wrote the track together.

"Don't Go" is a song about the influence the entertainment industry can have on a relationship.

The collaboration with Coolio went very smoothly and both parties have agreed to go back in the studio to write and record more tracks together. Sat-R-Day: "The chemistry with Coolio is the bomb. He loves to have fun, but is serious when it comes to his music. It's the same for us. Coolio's experience and our passion have made this collabo explosive. Just listen to the track and feel it."

The clubs in Germany already picked up on the track in April making it the highest new entry at # 16 in the German Black Charts and the track slid right into position 24 in the German DJ Black Music Playlist Top 40.

The first single from the new Sat-R-Day album is a hip hop track called "The Rules" and will be released in September. The single of "Don't Go" is already available at the website of Zyx Music.

Both tracks will be featured on the long awaited second Sat-R-Day album entitled "That's how we're livin'" expected to be released in the autumn.

Written by Nora Tol

Sat-r-dayIn 2001, Sat-R-day launched onto the European market causin' mayhem in downtown Augsburg, hysteria in Heillbronn and hooked the continent with their no. 1 clubhit "Steelo". It's clear to see that things have changed for the group. They have had hits in 7 different countries, toured across Europe, sold over 300.000 copies of their latest effort (I'm digging your) "Steelo" and did shows for audiences they could have only dreamed about.

All is well you may say. But where there is joy there will eventually be pain. This painfull moment came for the group as groupmember I.V. announced his departure in Oct 2002. Due to personal issues I.V. decided to leave the band. It left Crown and See shattered. "It's hard to let go of a member when you have been together for so long " says See while Crown stated " We are family. It's never easy to see your loved ones go, even though we respect his deciscion ". "It left us in an akward position " replies See.

After numerous auditionings and screenings they still didn't find the right substitute for I.V. not knowing that the answer was close to home. One day Crown told See that his younger brother E.J. was singing in an R&B formation but that the group at that time didn't have any potential. E.J. received the invitation with open arms and as we expected he blended in well. Over a year later the three-some See, Crown and E.J. will prove that they have the ability to break every record with their fierce follow-up CD.

With their brand new album That's how we're livin' coming out soon the guys are more excited than ever. The files began late last year when they returned from their German tour and the resulting songs reveal a more personal side to Sat-R-day. "It all just came together" says E.J. of their latest effort, while Crown describes the album as "magical". "We just wanted to show our fans what we are really all about" says See. Mission accomplished. Besides achieving their goal, Sat-R-day delivers "The Rules" an edgy sing along song on a hiphop track which keeps the streets watching and the mainstream singing. This song will keep your ears glued to the radio. Seeing the video which was shot in L.A. will show you the energy Sat-R-day is known for. Also on this cd the group delivers a stellar duet that features rapper Coolio well-known for his worldwide hits "Gangsta's Paradise", "Too Hot" and "Fantastic Voyage". The potential top-10 tune, about being in the industry and having to deal with relationships, was co-written by the group's very own Crown.

The Album contains 14 tracks including the easygoing titlesong and second single "That's How we're livin", the breathtaking "Anything" and the funky showstopper "Freakness". Inspired by their devotees, their fans, Sat-R-day penned and co-produced, 12 of the 14 tracks. Other producers are " Rutti" and The Beatkidz.

The title came from our experiences during the last two years. "We've grown mentally and physically and it shows" says Crown. These experiences the guys wouldn't trade for the world. "Our fans made it possible for us to come out again and bring you this follow-up CD" says Crown. "That shows their love for real."

The guys are preparing themselves for their upcoming promotional activities including pressdays throughout various cities in Europe, visiting radio stations and not to forget a small promotion tour to give the fans a preview of how they're livin'!

Zyx Music/220 RECORDS
That's How We're Livin'
Sat-r-day - That's How We're Livin' Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. The Rules
3. Don't Go
4. Freakness
5. Interlude
6. Hot Shot
7. Anything

8. You And I
9. That's How We're Livin'
10. I Need A Refill
11. It Takes An Angel
12. Don't Go
13. Lovely Day
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The Weekend Is For You
Sat-r-day - The Weekend Is For You Track Listing:
1.Feel Me
2.(I'm Diggin' Yo) Steelo
5.The Weekend Is For You
6.Now That I Found You
7.I Need Some Love Tonight
8.The Owner Of My Heart
9.Water Into Fire

10.Down Low
11.My Girls Best Friend
14.1000 Years
15.Do It Anyway You Wanna
16.I Wanna Come Back Home
17.R.U. Ready
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Zyx Music Record company of Sat-R-Day in Germany
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