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Rahsaan Patterson

SOS: Rahsaan Patterson Welcome to SaveOurSoul ! Congratulations with your new album "Bleuphoria". We love it!!!
Rahsaan: Thank You.

SOS: How do you feel at the eve of releasing your new album "Bleuphoria"?
Rahsaan: Blessed and excited.

Rahsaan PattersonSOS: Where does the word "Bleuphoria" come from ? We couldn't find it in the dictionary.
Rahsaan: It came from combining the words 'bliss' and 'euphoria'.

SOS: Have you invented the word "Bleuphoria" yourself ?
Rahsaan: Yes

SOS: When you come out with new music it is really new. When a lot of other artists come out with new music it is more of the same. How come that your music is really new ?
Rahsaan: My intention is to never repeat myself musically. as a human being im constantly evolving and i see it only natural that my music and artistic expression do the same.

SOS: The title "Bleuphoria" might suggest that it is an album with sad music, but to the contrary. We hear uplifting and energetic sounds.
Rahsaan: The music is definitely uplifting and energetic. the mood and sonic space presented in the music is, in my opinion, reflective of the color blue/bleu. The suggestion that it is sad would indeed be incorrect.

Rahsaan PattersonSOS: Can you tell us something about the different styles of music on the album for example of the following tracks:

Rahsaan: Ghost is a tune that features Jody Watley and expresses ones dissatisfaction with being taken for granted within a relationship.

Rahsaan: Crazy is a song about being in love and how deeply one finds themselves in it.

Mountain Top
Rahsaan: Mountain Top is a song of triumph. inspired by the joy one finds in overcoming fears and owning ones power and accepting ones own individuality.

Rahsaan: Insomnia is a story about someone with clarity

SOS: We have the impression that the sound on the album "Bleuphoria" is rockier than on its predecessor "Wines and Spirits". Do you agree with us ? Was there a particular reason to go rockier?
Rahsaan: all of my albums have infused an element of rock. there was no particular reason to have this album be more 'rockier'.

SOS: As far as we are aware it is the first time ever you have guest artists on an album. Guest artists like: Lalah Hathaway, Faith Evans and Jody Watley! Was there a particular reason for this?
Rahsaan: i wanted to do what i'd never done before on any of my previous albums. i also, wanted to pay homage to each of them because i highly respect who they are and what they each have contributed to this art form called music.

SOS: Did every song on the album exactly turned out to be what you wanted it to be or where there some surprising outcomes?
Rahsaan: it absolutely turned out to be what i wanted.

SOS: Rahsaan Patterson what do you hope to achieve with this new album "Bleuphoria" ?
Rahsaan: i hope that whomever this album touches in an inspiring way that they find it in themselves to do the same with their own light and gifts for another person.

SOS: Is there any chance of you performing in The Netherlands soon?
Rahsaan: I hope so. I love to visit and perform in The Netherlands.

SOS: Rahsaan Patterson thank you for the interview! We hope to catch up with you soon. Love and Peace from
Rahsaan: You're welcome and Thank you!

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Rahsaan PattersonLike the Lord, today’s music business can work in mysterious ways.

On the one hand, there’s the trend-dependent act who steps off with a chart topping single, fast selling debut album, maybe a Grammy or an MTV video award… and still ends up forgotten about 18 months down the line. On the other, the guy who quietly makes great music, earns respect from his peers and the devotion of a core of discerning fans, breaks no sales records or lifts any major award… and yet through a mixture of determination, persistence and plain talent, continues his career path unaffected.

Rahsaan Patterson is definitely an artist from the latter school. After two critically acclaimed albums for MCA Records – 1997’s ‘Rahsaan Patterson’ and ‘Love In Stereo’ a couple of years later - his much anticipated third project, ‘After Hours’, exclusively released in Europe by Dome Records, finds the LA-based vocalist, songwriter and producer adding another distinct and sparkling tile to the mosaic of his musical life.

Featuring collaborations with regular studio partners Jamey Jaz and Van Hunt, plus contributions from Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Jack King 111 & Devory Pugh, John Smith, Derrick Walker & Booker T. Jones 111, and Devel ‘Bo’ McKenzie, ‘After Hours’ presents a tougher, funkier side of Patterson’s multi-faceted persona than before. And there’s a couple of reasons for this, as Rahsaan himself relates: “This time around I wanted to take people deeper into Rahsaan Patterson - I wanted people to see me in a party area. I always was doing the kind of party songs that the urban artists were doing, but my music has always been somewhat sophisticated, so with that came a perception that I must be very Adult Contemporary. The truth is, I like to have a good time, I like to get out there. And I don’t ever want to do what people expect of me

“Secondly, with the death of my father in 2000 - just after I began work on this album - coupled to the frustrations and delays I encountered through the MCA label being closed down, I felt in a more aggressive place generally. I wasn’t feeling sensitive at all… and my songs are always written in the emotional moment in the studio at the time. The result is, I think, an album that shows people a new aspect of me, one that they have previously only had glimpses of.”

It hasn’t, of course, taken Rahsaan the entire four years to record ‘After Hours’. As his eagle-eyed fans will have noted, several of his side projects have surfaced during the period, including superb vocal and composer contributions to Jonathan Butler’s ‘Story Of Life’ album, Jimmy Sommers’ ‘Lovelife’ [featuring the brilliant cult track ‘What Am I Gonna Do’] and Brian Culbertson’s ‘Come On Up’ [‘Fly High’]. Rahsaan has also seen his music continue to be selected for soundtracks to movies like ‘Love & Basketball’ [‘I’ll Go’], ‘Dr. Dolittle’ [‘Lovin’ You So’], ‘Hoodlum’ [‘Street Life’], ‘Brown Sugar’ [‘You Make Life So Good’] and more, plus the Steve Harvey-related compilation ‘Sign Of Things To Come’ [‘The One For Me’].

“It has been very encouraging for me to see people’s reaction to some of those things,” reveals Rahsaan, “because if ever I was feeling discouraged I would, do a gig in, say, Washington DC and discover that the local radio station had made ‘You Make Life So Good’ into a single and that people in the audience were calling out for it and songs like ‘What Am I Gonna Do’ in my show.”

Rahsaan PattersonNamed after legendary jazz saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, New York native Patterson was literally raised as a child of music: his parents filled their house daily with the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Rufus, Earth, Wind & Fire, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson and the pop artists of the day. Something of a prodigy as a young vocalist, Rahsaan expanded his creative reach to include acting, which prompted a family move to Los Angeles, where he landed a four-year starring role in the Disney syndicated television show ‘Kids Incorporated’. After the series ended, Rahsaan and family moved back to New York City, but producer and friend Les Pierce persuaded Patterson to move back to LA to try his luck as a solo artist. During this period, Rahsaan’s emerging writing skills led to a collaboration with producer Keith Crouch on Brandy’s triple-platinum selling ‘Baby’, which reached No. 1 on the US national charts. Patterson later met producer Jamey Jaz, and the two co-wrote Tevin Campbell’s ‘Back to the World. A subsequent bidding war ended with Rahsaan signing a solo deal with MCA, for whom he recorded the two albums ‘Rahsaan Patterson’ and ‘Love In Stereo’ that made him such a hero to soul fans around the world.

Rahsaan has also penned hit songs along the way for Brandy’s brother Ray J, Chico DeBarge, Christopher Williams, Donell Jones and Jody Watley, and toured and recorded with Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Jason Weaver, Martika, Colour Club, Teddy, George Duke and Stanley Clarke, amongst others.

Most importantly, however, he is returning to the artist’s arena with an album that’s sure to please his established army of supporters as well as reach out to ears anew. Says Rahsaan: “Most people don’t treat musical artists the same way as they do, say, painters. We don’t have their freedom. A painter can paint anything they want; a musical artist often has to fit inside genre boxes. “But my music is always very layered. It’s almost like cubism – if you stand far away and squint, you get it.”

Rahsaan Patteson - Bluephoria Track Listing:
01. I Only Have Eyes For You
02. Ghost featuring Jody Watley
03. Crazy (Baby)
04. Easier Said Than Done
05. Stay With Me
06. Miss You
07. Goodbye
08. Bleuphoria
09. Mountain Top
10. Makin' Love
11. 6AM
12. Insomnia
13. God
Wines and Spirits
Rahsaan Patterson - Wines and Spirits Track Listing:
01. Cloud 9
02. Delirium (Comes And Goes)
03. Feels Good
04. No Danger
05. Pitch Black
06. Time featuring Johnny Onyx
07. Stop Breaking My Heart
08. Water
09. Deliver Me
10. Oh Lord (Take Me Back)
11. Higher Love
12. Stars
After Hours
Rahsaan Patterson - After Hours Track Listing:
01. The One For Me
02. I Always Find Myself
03. So Hot
04. Burnin’
05. Loving You
06. The Best
07. Don’t Run So Fast
08. You Make Life So Good
09. Yeah Yeah Yeah
10. Separate
11. April’s Kiss
HT. Straighten It Out (hidden track)
Love In Stereo
Rahsaan Patterson - Love In Stereo Track Listing:
01. Treat You Like A Queen
02. Sure Boy
03. It's Alright Now
04. Do You Feel The Way I Do
05. Friend Of Mine
06. The Day
07. It Ain't Love
08. Humor
09. The Moment
10. So Right
11. Any Other Love
12. Get Here
Rahsaan Patterson
Rahsaan Patterson - Rahsaan Patterson Track Listing:
01. Stop By
02. Spend The Night
03. Where You Are
04. So Fine
05. Stay a While
06. Come Over
07. Can't We Wait A Minute
08. Joy
09. My Sweetheart
10. One More Night
11. Don't Wanna Lose It
12. Tears Ago
13. Ain't No Way
14. Soul Free

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