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Memories Of The Heart

“With just the right amount of heart, soul and edge, Peter Hadar IS the ‘Coolest Weirdo’.”
- Rahsaan Patterson

“Pete has developed into a great writer and dope artist, so keep a look out for Peter Hadar.”
- Eric Roberson

Peter HadarAt first glance, Peter Hadar, born Peter Winstead, Jr., may seem like a superhero with a death wish rather than an extremely talented singer & songwriter. His unending struggle to learn and evolve as an artist coupled with his plans to die a great musician instantly single him out in an industry wrought with fly by night artists.

As a young man, Hadar struggled to dissipate from the shadows of his father, a musical prodigy and well-known gospel artist. He longed to make a name for himself outside the music world.

He was soon drawn to fashion, where he blazed a trail for himself with ease. It was because of his ferociousness at learning the trade and defeating challenges that he earned the name “Hadar,” given to him by his uncle, a Hebrew Israelite. “Hadar” literally means “adornment,” and in his case “to decorate or dress.”

In 2004, after losing his job in the fashion industry, Hadar found himself in dire straits. It was at that point that he realized that working for someone else did not appeal to him and decided to take the indie route to develop his paternal gift of music. Locking himself in his mother’s house and writing nonstop, Hadar, found he also had the gift of “dressing music.”

With only a year and some change as a songwriter and no formal training as a musician, Hadar began putting together an impressive resume. Through his industry connections, he was able to collaborate with some of R&B’s most respected artists including Chante Moore, Carl Thomas, and Joe.

Continuously progressing, Hadar eventually met up with Mike Genato (The G:neous) and the drum and bass duo Mathematics. Together, these musical scientists have concocted a formula that is unique, unrivaled and distinctively Peter Hadar.

With his first solo effort, Memories of the Heart, Hadar plans on taking over the world with his own brand of cool weirdo music.

This definitely looks like a job for Peter Hadar.

Memories Of The Heart
Peter Hadar - Memories Of The Heart Track Listing:
01. Provider
02. Never Again
03. Need Love
04. Cool Weirdos Interlude
05. Thunder
06. U Dont Love Me
07. Please!
08. Xplosive
09. Provider 2 Featuring Tyquan
10. First Sight
11. Marvin
12. Deep in Love
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