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North Sea Jazz 2006 | Features


North Sea Jazz 2006

In France the 14th of July is a holiday where they celebrate the fall of the Bastille in Paris.
This year in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the 14 th of July 2006 , was the 1-st day of the Noth Sea Jazz Festival in a new ambiance. Until last year, The Hague, was the city where this festival used to be, but now for 3 consecutive days Rotterdam was the place to be for jazz, soul and funk music lovers.

The saveoursoul crew went to Rotterdam for three days to be part of this festival. There are so many artists playing on one day which means you have to make a choice who you want to see.

Anthony DavidRaul MidónDonnie

JULY 14th NSJ 2006

One the 1-st day we saw performances from: Jamiroquai, The Clarke/Duke project, Alice Russell,Isaac Delgado, and Candi Staton.

was dressed in poncho and had a typical headdress - his trademark- and adidas shoes with light green stripes on both sides. This colorful musician layed down some soulful and funky grooves for the audience, helped by his backing vocal trio. We've seen the last part of his performance which sounded real good. You could really get down to the groove with him and his band.

The Clarke/Duke Project:
was heavy keyboard and bass playing. It was good music, both are excellent
musicians, but is was music for intimates. The technical skills of these men are very high and for real music devotees it must have been a joy to see them playing. Simple souls wants more vocals and that's what I missed during a 10 minutes stay at their concert.

Alice Russell:
it was nice to listen to this British lady who's performance was surprisingly good. She really has a sweet voice.

Isaac Delgado:
the Cuban bandleader was hot stuff. He was very hot...yeah as the latin say...caliente y con sabrosura. He was the man on this friday evening bringing hot salsa, hot rumba and a hot band of top musicians. It was unbelievable the ease with which he sang those tropical rhtythms. The Cubans are masters at dancing. Isaac and his orchestra made the crowd dance there butt off at one of those hot nights in July.

Candi Staton:
once disco queen of the seventies started very disappointing. Pure curiosity kept me waiting for the fire this lady once had. Almost at the end of her show things went better but it was a bit too late. Still all the people enjoyed "You got the love" her finishing song.


JULY 15th NSJ 2006

The second day of The North Sea Jazz festival was saturday 15th of July a very hot summerday.
Amongst the artists that would perform there where many who we would like to see;

Anthony David, Raul Midón, Donnie, Irma Thomas, Sergio Mendes, Leela James
The Neville Brothers, etc.

The first three mentioned artist played on a stage called "Bare naked Brothers". This doesn't mean that we would see genitals, but that they would play as acoustic as possible.

Anthony David:
was lovely to see and he did his thing good. He sang beautiful songs from "3 Chords and the Thruth".

Raul Midón:
had an excellent show. From the moment he did his soundcheck until the last minute of his show he kept the audience in a magic spell. He's a guitar virtuoso with a great soulful voice who knows how to interact with the public. His guitar and his mouth are very powerful instruments that he uses to spread his art as a songwriter and singer. With his mouth he fabricates the sound of a trumpet while he plays his guitar. It seems that Raul uses every cell in his body to take his music to the highest level and that was enormously appreciated by the audience.

Donnie(from Atlanta):
was another spectacular act that kept the crowd going. He had cut his hair, but reminded us that he is not his hair just like India.Arie is not her hair. What was really appreciated was Donnie's statement that he was against all kind of ism's like racism, discrimination and homophobia. It was very good of him to address homophobia because in the black music scene -especially with the audience of hip hop , soul and RnB - this is a kind of tabu that has to be broken. Donnie was top of the bill and put the crowd in ecstasy. We loved both his backing vocalists, especially Rahbi who we know from previous shows and who is an excellent solo singer as well. Rahbi's EP is out now, while the new Donnie album "The Daily News" will be released on the 26th of September 2006.

Irma Thomas:
was nice to see, but nothing spectacular. She is a statue in soul music and it was an opportunity to see someone of that calibre and history perform. Nothing but respect for that lady.

Sergio Mendes:
and his band were nice to see. They started very strong but after the strong opening things went down to normal and in a smooth way they just did their thing. This doesn't mean that it was bad no not at all. You could sit down and enjoy those sweet Brasilian melodies of Sergio who has hit record now with "Mas que nada" featuring William from Black Eyed Peas .

JULY 16th NSJ 2006

Up to the third -16 th of July- and last day of the NSJ festival 2006 in Ahoy Rotterdam with the likes of:
Cachao, , Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Bettye Lavette.

is the old Cuban master on contra bass. He and his orchestra played us some danzons, mambo and son and reminded us in this way that cuban music is more than salsa. Cachao gave us a good time.

Erykah Badu:
was a big name on NSJ as well. In one way or another she's been known in The Netherlands for being late on concerts and she didn't disappoint us in this aspect. Her show started about half an hour later than expected. She did alot of difficult stuff which was entertaining from time to time.

Kanye West:
was the factor that mattered on this last day North Sea Jazz. On stage in The Nile he was the final act and the place was packed with people. In his band Kanye had a DJ, some violinists and a harpist. As soon as he started his act a whole lot of people left the place, but still there was a huge crowd that kept listening to this very popular rapper. One half of the saveoursoulcrew thought Kanye was fantastic while the other half thought it was all too loud and too hard to follow.

Bettye Lavette:
was more entertaining. This lady that is longer than fifty four years in the music industry left a good impression. She could still move on stage --our compliments- she got the looks and most of all she can sing. It was a pleasure to hear and see her do some classics and some new stuff. Thank you Betty Lavette. (TA)