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Soul Sessions Chapter 1

Ms Monique THE WOMAN, THE ARTIST, THE VOICE!The Diva Of Soul Ms. Monique has strong roots in Gospel, R&B, Soul, Jazz and Blues. A true Contralto the taunts and teases the delivery of any song. Her powerhouse vocals will shatter glass. She was born is in West Palm Beach, Florida and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She has toured the world and opened for many of the greats. In 2004 she sang background for fellow Soul Singer Sir Charles Jones. While touring she began to write songs for her own recording project. She now has a hit song titled LOVE THERAPY which is creating a huge buzz in the Soul & Blues community.

Soul music is being brought to the forefront of the music industry with Ms. Monique. Besides her energy, stage presence and ravishing beauty, this young lady is very skilled in her craft. Her impeccable songwriting skills have listeners on edge waiting to hear what's next. She is often compared to the likes of Gladys Knight, Betty Wright and Milli Jackson. She is however, in a class of her own. She sings songs of passion and pain and does not mind getting down to basics of what makes the heart tick.

Here is a track of Ms Monique that you can listen to, you will need real audio to play it


Soul Sessions Chapter 1
Ms Monique - Soul Sessions Chapter 1 1. Intro
2. Mr. Do Right
3. Get Up
4. Lollipop
5. Interlude (wsol)
6. Love Therapy
7. Slow & Easy
8. I'm Looking For a Good Man
9. Interlude (radio Spot)
10. Do You Wanna Step Wit Me
11. Ooh Baby
12. You Did It to You
13. Love Therapy (continuation)
14. Single Mama
15. Prayer
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