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Hopeless romantic

Michael B. Sutton has over two decades of seasoned experience in the music industry, including seven years as a staff producer and writer for Motown Records. A Stevie Wonder discovery, Mr. Sutton drew the attention of many talented artists at Motown for his genius as a musician, lyricist and composer. Over the years, Mr. Sutton has composed and produced music for Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Anita Pointer and Pat Boone to name a few. Mr. Sutton's contribution to the Disco era was substantial. Michael's songs, performed by the duo Michael and Brenda Sutton, proved to be some of Disco's most successful and timeless hits. The hot dance singles Down to love Town, Grip My Hips and Cheryl Lynn's Shake It Up Tonight could be heard from every club coast to coast.

To his credit Mr. Sutton has written, produced and scored over 300 songs for major artists as well as for film and television. Some of these accomplishments include the following: The album, Any Way You Like It for Thelma Houston which went gold, the album Switch which went Platinum, the movie score for One False Move, the title song, We'll make It for the Channel 4 documentary Oasis Of Hope, the title song for the cable TV series Passion And Romance, and Machine Gun Blues, ESPN's Body Shaping and Co-Ed Training, the theme songs for the HBO movies Black Belt, Dance with Death, Guilty As Charged, Watchers 2, Cues' for the TV show Viper, Showtime's Black Scorpion and the production and performance for the HBO/Cinemax TV series Emmanuelle In Space. Michael has just finished his own CD Hopeless Romantic.

This album is a passionate blend of blues, quixotic love ballads and true get-down dance tracks. His vocal qualities have been compared to Marvin, Smokey and Luther, while still maintaining his own style, known as the "velvet voice."

Michael B. Sutton is well known in the industry for his personable nature, his honesty, integrity, professionalism and attention to detail. His tenure as a member of ASCAP for over twenty years has earned him the reputation of being a premier artist, composer and producer.

Hopeless Romantic
Michael B. Sutton - Hopeless Romantic Track Listing:
1. Body Music
2. If You Let Me Love You (The Second Time Around)
3. Give It Up
4. Do That to Me
5. Sweet Surrender
6. Flight

7. Interlude

8. Feelin Down(Go Down On Me Blues)
9. Love Me Inside Out
10. I Wanna Sex You
11. Interlude
12. Lover's Serenade
13. Nobody
14. Hopeless Romantic
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