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Wrote this song

Like a welcomed breeze on a hot and hazy day, Lori Perry delivers a breath of fresh air that redefines the parameters of gospel, jazz and R&B music. Known by some of the top entertainers in the world she has been a featured voice on countless projects and stage shows.

Growing up, Lori first sang with her three sisters whose grandfather called upon their whole family to comprise the entire choir for his small church. Eventually the stage became home for the sisters and the group Perri was formed; their talents became regularly sought after by artists like Pat Metheny, The Yellow Jackets, Anita Baker, George Duke, Cher, Brian Culbertson, Roberta Flack, Sting, George Michael and Seal to name a few.

Even though her love for the stage continued to grow, Lori realized that something was missing in her life. As Perri developed a name for themselves and were working on their very first major release through MCA Records... Lori had a revelation. A seed was planted in her spirit which told her that she would never truly be happy and fulfilled with her music until she started to use that music in praise of the Lord above. Many years passed, the hunger and yearning began to grow in her heart. In 2003 Lori began to work on her first solo release, entitled "Wrote This Song", she calls this spirit-based music featured on the project "GoJazz". The fusion combines Gospel and Jazz music with a unique synergy leaving the listener feeling completely uplifted and calmed at the same time.

Lori was inspired by so many great singers and song writers to write almost every song on her project covering a wide range of emotion and depth. "My testimony is actually one that encompasses the testimonies of many others. I feel compelled to be the voice for many individuals who don't get the opportunity to put a microphone in their hand and reach thousands of people at one time. I want to tell their stories for them as well as walk you through my spiritual journey." Songs like "No Longer Run" depict Lori's testimony as she proclaims her relationship with her music and begins to minister to herself. Another song impacting radio "I Found It In You" moves a step farther in her journey giving praise to the Father above for the changes she has made in her life.

Not knowing where the Lord would lead her after she finished the project, she patiently waited until the door was opened to her ideas and music. Lori is poised and ready to convert one listener at a time with her story, unmistakable voice and fresh production - offering a total package of musical aromatherapy to your soul.

Wrote This Song
Lori Perry - Wrote This Song Track Listing:
1. Wrote This Song
2. When It's Done
3. I'll Follow You
4. On My Mind
5. I Found It in You

6. Majesty Reigns
7. Tribulation
8. Kingdom
9. Nine Eleven
10. No Longer Run
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