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After The Party

Lorenzo OwensR&B is taking on a new vision of its own, where lyrics, melody and talent matter. You might say it's going back to the future. What a great time for the blossoming fresh sound of soul vocalist Lorenzo Owens to make his mark!

Al Jarreau, Eric Benet, Chaka Khan, R. Kelly and Nancy Wilson. These are just a few of the stellar song stylists who have made and still are making timeless music. They are the tradition Owens come from, for like them, he is a child of the Midwest, and like them, he has stories to tell. Stories that can only be told and felt through the special gift of song.

Like many of music's success stories, Owens' roots are in the church. He has been singing since he was 3 years old. As a small child, he could sing with adult fervor. "I was at my grandma's house, "Reasons", by Earth, Wind & Fire came on the radio and I sang it from front to back. Everybody was like, whoa! is that coming from him?" the Milwaukee native recalls.

But it wasn't until he had begun attending college that he realized singing was his life's calling. "Singing was something I'd always done, but I never paid attention to it. I had private lessons and I did talent shows. My big song was, "God Bless the Child".

Owens was going to school for business and management, but he kept asking himself, "What is it that I really want to do? What would make me happy? I changed majors so many times, I knew I wasn't headed in the right direction. I knew what I really loved was getting out there and feeling the crowd when I sang."

Yes, Owens is a true balladeer. His silky smooth soulful voice glides through melodies with ease.


Here is a track of Lorenzo Owens that you can listen to, you will need real audio to play it

Wanna See You Smile

After The Show
Lorenzo Owens - After The Show

1. Wanna See You Smile
2. Rainbows
3. Inseparable
4. Stand Tall featuring Ms. Jazzi
5. Burnin' featuring Tina Moore
6. Light N' Darkness
7. Not So Perfect Love Story
8. Concentrate
9. Gamble
10. Love's Not Enough
11. Close Your Eyes

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