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Inner Beauty Movement

Immediate comparisons, from Billie Holiday to Erykah Badu, are given to Lina. The passion, power and talent that comes through her lyrics and performance cause many to draw comparisons to other musical greats, but upon further listen, Lina has a style all her own. This singer/songwriter is set to revolutionize the modern music scene with a soulful hybrid of eras and styles, including R n B, jazz, hip-hop and swing, with just the right amount of pop.

Lina’s sophomore project, Inner Beauty, displays her fearless creativity, regardless of music trends. Her influences in music, life, love; happiness, pain; growth and wisdom come through loud and clear. Those familiar can expect to hear her signature sound, while the uninitiated will be mesmerized by the depth of the lyrics and the unique artistic approach to the music. This songbird veers from the mass-produced recordings and mundane lyrics that often jam the airwaves. Her persona is provocative yet edgy, soulful and flirtatious.

She first unleashed this distinctive style with her debut album, Stranger on Earth (Atlantic Records), Linawhich turned out the hits “It's Alright”, “Playa No Mo’ ” and “I'm Not the Enemy”, which was featured in the 20th Century Fox’s film “High Crimes”. Critics heralded the LP’s bold theme, a syncopation of music past and present. Jeff Lorez, of Billboard Magazine raved, “Lina possesses a timeless combination of laid-back Southern warmth, introspection, spirituality, and a penchant for things jazzy and classy”. Stranger on Earth was named the #1 RnB Album of the Year by Tower Records’ Pulse Magazine and among the Top 10 RnB Albums of the Year by Billboard Magazine.

Lina’s eclectic sound gained international attention through tours with UK based soul singer Craig David and rapper Guru of Gang Starr. The songstress also dazzled sold-out crowds as she toured the states with rocker Joan Osborne.

The multitalented artist isn’t afraid to take risks and elevate the music scene to vibrant levels. She wrote all of the songs for her upcoming album, co-producing most them in collaboration with Jeeve and Travis “T-House” House, who first lent their talents on Stranger on Earth.

Inner Beauty is sure to shake up the musical landscape with the reggae-tinged “Hope, Wish and Pray”, the alluring “Come to Mama”, the uplifting anthem “I Am”, and the title cut “Inner Beauty”, a display of true introspection. Lina also offers up the blazing duet with Anthony Hamilton, “Around the World,” and “Leaving You”, which is sure to empower listeners with the lyrics: Today’s the day/ Now I can finally see my way/ Found somebody new/ I’m leaving you, for me. With Inner Beauty, Lina paints a picture for the listener and offers a fresh, self-assured perspective that is both youthful and wise beyond her years.

“We’ve had to put up with so much music lately that’s not necessarily feeding our souls”, she says. “It’s not triggering anything in our beings”. Lina stresses that her forthcoming project was spontaneous. “When I write, it’s what I’m feeling that day. Every song is an experience, some wisdom or knowledge gained; a musical lesson”.

This Texas-raised chanteuse is more than just a pretty face. Lina burst on the scene as a songwriter, penning “Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Jones” for RCA artist Tyrese, who recorded the song for his platinum debut album. The savvy businesswoman also created her own record label, MoodStar Recordings, which is currently working on a compilation series titled Save Your Soul.

“It’s really about sharing the gift that you're blessed with,” she says. “I just want to make people’s loads a little lighter. Music is an escape”. Whether you encounter her music, her personality, beauty or style… Lina stays with you.

The Inner Beauty Movement
Lina - The Inner Beauty Movement Track Listing:
1. My Fix
2. Walking (interlude)
3. Hope, Wish & Pray
4. Leaving You
5. Fly
6. Music (interlude)
7. I Am
8. Run To Me
9. All Around The World feat. Anthony Hamilton

10. It Could Be
11. Come To Me
12. This Time
13. Never Forget (interlude)
14. Smooth
15. Story Goes
16. Let It Go
17. Peace & Love
18. On My Own (Bonus Track)
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Save Your Soul, Vol. 1 - Special Edition 2-Disk Set
Lina - Save Your Soul, Vol. 1 - Special Edition 2-Disk Set
1. Interview- Travis
2. Over Me- Travis
3. Illuminating- Lina feat. Young Dre
4. Interview- Sajai
5. Ghetto Tactics- Sajai feat. PB3
6. Dough- Braille Method feat. Lina
7. Do You Remember- Lina
8. Flow Like A River- Caprisha
9. There for You- Venus feat. Lex Dirty
10. Soul’s Journey- Ana Maria
11. Misfits- Hypnogaja
12. Interview- Jeeve
13. Let’s Make It Real- Jeeve
14. Never- Nick Loren
15. Time Flies- Vic
16. Keep It- Lex Dirty
17. Downtime- Orgone feat. Cheri
18. Is You Is- Joey
19. Road's Gonna Turn- Lina
20. Bonus Track The Morning After- Braille Method

1. Hope, Wish and Pray
2. Come to Mama
3. I Am
4. On My Own
5. Viola
6. Inner Beaty

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Stranger on Earth (US Edition)
Lina - Stranger on Earth (US Edition) Track Listing:
1. Playa No Mo'
2. Step Up
3. It Ain't Me (SOS)
4. Don't Say Nothin'
5. I'm Not The Enemy
6. God Loves Me

7. It's Alright
8. Batches
9. Watch Your Mouth (Baby Blue)
10. Bye Bye Baby
11. Waiting
12. Stranger On Earth
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Stranger on Earth (UK Edition)
Lina - Stranger on Earth  (UK Edition) Track Listing:
1. Playa No Mo'
2. Step Up
3. Right Place Wrong Time
4. Too Good
5. Don't Say Nothin'
6. Crazy Love
7. Batches

8. I'm Not Your Enemy
9. 3rd Finger Left Hand
10. You Don't Know
11. Bye Bye Baby
12. Waiting
13. Stranger On Earth
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