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S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change
Jarrard Anthony

When Jarrard Anthony asks to have S.E.X. with you, it’s not what you’re thinking.
Or is it…

Jarrard AnthonyS.ynergistic E.nergy X.change(acronym: SEX): The sharing of combined energies to create something greater.

This is what the artist, commonly known as J.A., is doing with his new LP. S.E.X. The masterful album combines influences, energies, and genres to create something greater to share with listeners. The project travels over landscapes, through atmospheres, and beyond galaxies of a variety of genres, making stops in Soul, Electronica, Techno, World, Rock, Pop, and Folk musical constellations, a complete musical cosmos bridging gaps and breaking boundaries. What the unimaginative mind thought could not be done has been accomplished. A new musical paradigm is achieved.

Jarrard Anthony has been dubbed by media around the world as “Mr. Independent of R&B”. In 1999, JA crooned his way into the independent soul arena with the release of the single “So D-vine” from his debut LP “The Dream”. Substantial radio rotation and popularity throughout the east coast immediately made “So D-vine” an R&B love classic. In 2000, the project was licensed and released in vinyl format as an EP by the UK based Thermite Records/Stonegroove imprint. The release gained the #2 position on UK Urban radio with the title track. With his 2004 release of the LP “Don’t Sleep…Just Dream”, Jarrard Anthony gained a larger US audience and broader international appeal. The music video for ”Sweet Memories”, the first single off the LP, received nationwide airplay on over 200 shows and outlets throughout the country. Without the marketing dollars of a major label, both projects still managed to sell an estimated 10,000 plus units combined. This was achieved via online marketing, independent distributors (domestic & international), multi-song licensing deals and non-stop live performances.

Winding down promotions and touring of DSJD, Jarrard immediately began work on another R&B formatted project. His admiration for innovative artists outside of conventional music molds, such as Jamiroquia, Towa Tei, Radiohead, Viktor Duplaix, in addition to the original genius of artists like Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Billy Joel, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Queen, Seal, and D’angelo sparked a different approach to the new project. He thought.....if he could blend the songwriting and sonically sensual melodies and epic production styles with powerful urban styled vocals intertwined with thick complex harmonies (a JA trademark), the result would be phenomenal. What if you could combine Beck and Blackstreet?

Jarrard AnthonyWhile working on the new project, on the advice of a producer friend, Jarrard popped in a CD of an indieband called Soundproof. When the first track played, Jarrard instantly connected with the creativity and fearlessness of the project prompting an epiphany of “a destiny fulfilled”. After further inquiry he found out the producer of the group, Stico Von Drake, a Chi-town native, actually lived in VA. A telephone call led to a meeting, a meeting led to one song, and one song led to a full album. The album…S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change.

When asked about the title, Jarrard said…

“This album is a collaborative effort, blending of energies to create something greater. It involves emotion, experience, creativity, and spirituality. We are all just energy anyway. If we are sharing the best of ourselves with each other, we all become greater individually and benefit one another. That’s what this is all about. A synergistic exchange working to create something extraordinary.”

With the release of S. E. X., Jarrard, now 27, continues to broaden his horizon and steps up from the underground of Urban Soul to the surface of Pop/Soul music culture.

Now stop reading, turn up the volume, and get ready to have S.E.X. with Jarrard Anthony.


7 questions to Jarrard Anthony

Q: What song on your album reflects the most of you?
A: The song reflects the most of me is "don't ever question(b/c it is personal and perfectly describes the love hate I feel towards my music and this "music industry" I love it so much and there are so many factors that stand in the way of whats real...that is the passion inside, and not the hope of celebrity, fame or monetary profit...)

Q: Who influenced you musically?
A: I have been influenced by many..Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Seal, Billy Joel, D'Angelo...The story tellers mostly, butI am constantly influenced and insprired by new artist everyday...Anyone who is testing musical boundaries and speaking with substance)

Q: Mention one of the best concerts you've ever seen and why it was one of best?
A: Prince at MCI Center in DC...If I have to tell you why it was the best, then you've never heard of Prince, and that is, just imagine a bigass party with 30,000 people and 20,000 of them being some of the most beautiful women on the planet

Q: What song from your CD collection you would like us to surely listen to and why?
A: "Don't Ever Question" it is the most personal on the album and it takes on so many's the kind of song I want to be remembered for...

Q: What is your biggest dream?
A: My dream is to have at least one person on this planet 20 years from now say..I was influenced by Jarrard Anthony...

Q: What was the worst dream you ever had?
A: I don't was too bad to

Q: What event shouldn't we miss when we are in Richmond(Va)?
A: If you are in Richmond...I am at Blues Cafe in Downtown every Wed. night starting Oct. 15th 8pm-11pm... It is the "premier live urban/soul music" venue in the city...The food is great, the drinks are just right, and the women are georgeous....Definitely the place to be...

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S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change
Jarrard Anthony - S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change Track Listing:
01. Synergy: The Answer
02. Dream With Me
03. The Dream Pt.3-It was only a dream
04. U R Divine
05. S.E.X.
06. Right Now
07. Reason 4 Being
08. Hollywood
09. Right From Wrong
10. I Never
11. The One
12. The Last Night
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Don't Sleep....Just Dream...
Jarrard Anthony - Don't Sleep....Just Dream... Track Listing:
01. Sweet Memories
02. Candy
03. Whats Going Down
04. True Love
05. So-D-vine
06. Lovesick
07. Circle Of Us
08. Can't Believe (You Cheated)
09. Don't Ever
10. In Your Eyes
11. The Dream
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