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JahahQ: How do you yourself describe the music on "MamasOnlySon"?
A: On "Mamas Only Son", I would say the sound is vintage soul with a hip-hop influence. It takes you on a journey through musical time...

Q: How come that considering your age you are so fully aware of the music from The Chi-lites?
A: I grew up listening to everything. I couldn't escape music in my house. I've always gravitated towards music that was soulful and produced in the 70's. The 70's gave birth to some creative cats man & I love the vibe of that era & hope to somewhat recreate that feeling. It is timeless!

Q: Is there a special element that you like in the music from the late 60-ies and early 70-ies?
A: The 70's had an analog feel that you don't hear anymore. I don't even know if you can achieve that feel with the advance of digital technology. Some companies have tried to mimic the feel but it's not the same. Horns and guitar solos were also special. People don't put horns in their music anymore...guitar solo's are rare nowadays as well.

Q: Do you aim at particular audience when you bring this kind of "disco-soul" like in the song "Everybody Up"?
A: I tend not to aim for any particular audience when I make music. If it feels good to me...I run with it. It's all a gut feeling. I think I have multiple personalities cause I like to take people in different directions. You'll hear this when I release my hip-hop album, "No Grey Areas". People won't believe it's me! Jahah = Eclectic

Q: It feels like you are making a well-considered musical journey through the 70-ies and 80-ies up to nowadays. Is there a reason behind this musical journey? If so, what is the reason?
A: My heart and gut feelings produce the music that you hear. The journey I'm taking is free flowing...I never know what I'm going to do next. I do try to take the listener on a journey musically speaking.

Q: What do you want to achieve as a musician?
A: As a musician I would like to achieve success on a global level. I'd like to be considered as a great artist in the same respects as artists like Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway...Dre and Nas...I want to tour extensively throughout the entire world, not just the States & spread the Jahah vibe across the globe.

Q: What was the last album you bought? Why did you buy that album?
A: The last album I bought was The Game. I bought this record for 3 reasons: 1. Dre 2. The fact that Game isn't just talking about killing his own and 3. The Game has a nice delivery on the mic. I had to try it out...

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Atlanta songwriter/producer/lyricist/singer JAHAH is the definition of authentic soul music that reflects the magnetic era of the 70's and the preeminence of contemporary hip-hop. His music pulsates with hard hitting drumbeats and intoxicating melodies, which function as the backbone for his lyrical adroitness. "I grew up listening to funk, R&B, and a taste of jazz," explains JAHAH. "By the age of twelve I was into many different genres of music?especially hip-hop."

JahahSeattle, Washington and Baumholder, Germany were JAHAH's place of residence before he migrated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1993. "I originally moved to the dirty south to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta and pursue a career in music engineering but that didn't work out. I ended up taking classes at Clark Atlanta University and graduating from Morris Brown College in 1999." During his four and a half-year matriculation at the AUC (Atlanta University Center), JAHAH interned for the once glorified LaFace records. "LaFace was definitely an inspiration for me because I was able to see the music business from the inside out and take notes." While amongst the LaFace milieu, JAHAH befriended another young and aspiring artist named Alicia Moore (now known to the world as the multi-platinum artist Pink). "I haven't seen Pink in many years but I know what she had to go through to get where she is now. She's proof that dreams can come true." After recording a couple songs featuring Pink, JAHAH decided it was time for him to make his presence felt in the music industry. "I started performing and doing gigs where ever I could be heard. I rhymed on three of Speech's (Arrested Development) EMI-Japan releases and finally saved up enough money to make my own album."

JahahFrom the roots of hip-hop and jazz, to the wonder years of rhythm and blues, JAHAH (a.k.a. Mama's Only Son) is a unique talent of honest soul and organic hip-hop. His influences range from musical icons such as Bob Marley, The Crusaders, Michael Jackson, Prince, Barry White, Al Green, Run-DMC, and Big Daddy Kane to contemporary artist like De Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Common, The Roots and Little Brother. JAHAH's music is a gumbo with incredible flavor and amazing musicianship. His songs paint vivid pictures of feelings and emotions most of us have all encountered but rarely submit to. He sings with the raw emotion of the O'Jay's and the joy and emotion of Mary J. Blige. When JAHAH showcases his emceeing abilities, he reminds you of the young and hungry Lyricist Lounge artist Mos Def. The combinations of his many talents go unmatched in today's market of shallow artist who consistently bore us with their mundane stories of pimped out vehicles, iced-out watches and promiscuous vixens.

The first single off of Mama's only Son, "OOOH", is a mid-tempo jewel and prime example of what good R&B is supposed to sound like. "My cousin J-Hen (219 Productions) crafted the music to this song with me in mind. As soon as I heard the music I knew I could bless the track vocally. I wrote and recorded the song the very next day." Another stellar moment on Mama's Only Son is the song "Official" which reminds you of the Chi-Lites with a modern day twist! "I wanted to do something I'd never done before. I thought a song sung in falsetto would be perfect. I actually wrote and co-produced this song in California with my cousin J-Hen. At the time, everyone one the west coast was using the word official. Like, that chic is official. That's how we came up with the idea." JAHAH's emceeing abilities shine through lyrically on songs like "Afrodeziac" and "No Time to Front" which bounces along like a 6.4 with hydraulics. More introspective songs on Mama's Only Son are "It's For You" and "All I need." Here JAHAH bares his soul and speaks to the most important women in his life. "I try to write songs that say something. My mother and my girl were with me through out the entire making of this album and I wanted to let them know how I feel. What you hear is what was on my heart at the time."

Combined with multiple talent and creative vision beyond his years, JAHAH delivers powerful and meaningful music that'll please listeners of all ages. His production skills reflect the early years of Gamble and Huff and the infectious hip-hop beats of Dr. Dre'. Armed and equipped with infinite rounds of soul ammunition? Mama's Only Son is arguably one of the most amazing producer/artists of our time. JAHAH is our modern day Marvin Gaye.

Jahah - MamasOnlySon

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Get On The Floor

The Melting Pot
Jahah - The Melting Pot Track Listing:
01. Soul Music
02. Call Me
03. Reverse
04. Ghetto Philosopher
05. Carmel Honey Brown (Kickin' It)
06. Come Inside
07. You Got It
08. I'm Clean
09. This Aint Livin'
10. You Inspire Me
11. Move Shake Bounce
12. Get Up, Get Down
Jahah - MamasOnlySon Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Afrodeziak
03. Tonight
04. Everybody Up
05. Mr. Moody (Interlude One)
06. Saturday (feat. Mr. Moody)
07. All I Need
08. Official
09. Oohhh
10. Shinin' Star
11. Mr. Moody (Interlude Two)
12. Here We Are Again
13. Gone...
14. Leave A Message
15. No Time To Front
16. It's For You (Mamas Only Son)
17. Back In The Day
Ear For Music
Jahah - Ear For Music Track Listing:
01. Ear For Music
02. No Pressure
03. Push-n-pullin'
04. You Remind Me
05. Can't Believe
06. Rock With You
07. Special
08. For You
09 . Baby Girl
10. Situation
11. Ghetto Philosypher
12. So Fine
13. Bad Girl
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