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The Dominican-born singer, now resident in the vibrant music city of Atlanta, follows his debut “Storyteller” album with a very strong second set, revolving around personal relationships. “The concept of the album is my relationship experiences – good and bad, ugly and beautiful. It’s quite personal, as true to life as I could explain” he says.

Born on the island of Dominica, singer-songwriter Heston grew up with music all around him.. being surrounded by reggae, pop, classical, soul R&B and rock, music was commonplace and it is no surprise that radio along with a collection of his father's old records, would open the key to his soul and love for all types of music.. From Barbara Streisand to Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Beres Hammond, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson(to name a few) each musician looped a thread into his soul and after listening to his music it is clear that he has been influenced by the best.

With a career in music that began in Atlanta, Ga, launched by a self-titled EP, he has defined his journey as a full-time musician, composer, songwriter and producer.. "Creating timeless music has always been my ultimate goal" says Heston with a poised yet humble demeanor. " I want to leave the world with music that can be played for a lifetime."

A pleasant, easygoing vocal manner coupled with sexy stage presence has consistently yielded a ground swelling of fans and lovers of his music. His song "IF" is the theme song on BET"s ground breaking half-hour reality television show, Real Life Divas. "If" from his self titled EP became popular on SX satellite trough Airtran airways entertainment and such compilation as 'The Soul Lounge Vol. 1, Uk, This is Soul 2005, "IF" was also once listed as on of the most downloaded independent soul singles on ITunes.. "Angel" also from the self-titled EP closed the year 2003 as on the DJ Richard Searling's year end top 50 most played at Smoot FM Manchester UK.

Warm Human Cold World
Heston - Warm Human Cold World

01. Outside Your Window
02. Warm Human
03. For Love
04. You
05. Crazy
06. Right Here
07. In These Arms
08. Lonely In My Room
09. My Kinda Lady
10. Greatest Lover

Heston - Storyteller

01. My Baby
02. Distant Lover
03. Easy
04. No Way, No How
05. Your Perfume
06. Radio
07. Sumthing In The Water
08. Brand New You
09. Dreamy Eyes featuring Angela Johnson
10. Feel Like Dancing
11. Like Sunshine
12. Good Morning America
13. Hello Sunday
14. Sunny Days
15. Songbirds

Heston - Heston

01. If
02. Angel
03. In This Life
04. Radio
05. Songbirds
06. No Voice of Her Own
07. Dreamy Eyes
08. If (Acoustic)
09. Brand New You
10. Dying Flower

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