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Latin Bird

GnoAldo Fanelli, italian born in Tunisia, came to France in the 60's with his huge family to live a better life like many foreigners from the South. This singer and guitar player met a beautiful spanish girl in the summer of 1973, on holidays. She came to live with him for the rest of her life. Eternal & faithful love exists sometimes.In 1978, they composed a bossa nova song to celebrate their love and the birth of their first child: Marc..

Marc is 14 years old. His dream 2 become soccer player for the Italian football team ends when Black Music appears. Stevie Wonder & pop music don't look like french immigrants sons. There's Hip Hop but G.No prefers melody to sing his rap verses. With the New Jack Swing of Teddy Riley, Bobby Brown, Intro, H-Town, Boyz 2 Men, Jodeci, R.Kelly, he realizes what he needs to do in his life. Not enough money for music lessons? This young nation singing with bagguys and amazing voices make him believe he can do it his way, no matter what people may think. He starts creating groups (Safyr), singing live etc..He's from the very middle class and will need to find a job from his 17 to help his family while attending courses at the university.

Marc is "G.No" or "GardeliNo", a bird in italian. He's not on MTV, he feels jailed, but still sings cause it makes him fly very far. Thanks to his job, he has traveled a lot. He loves people and finds in music a true way of expressing social, and human relations. His first album talks mainly about the end of a childhood. Every city is like a new step in his life and Marrakech (Morroco) was the 1st one in 2004. He produced it and sold it all alone with his guitarists Jon & Dagon. His latin roots and his love for acoustic and hip hop music are now his "griffe". After presenting a DVD on french R'n'B (R'n'B Invasion, Warner), he started to write a book about Black Music in 2006. At the same time Myspace became the best place 4 musicians. That's where he met one of his idols: Smoke E.Digglera from Playa. The famous soul voice from Playa (who sang for Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Timbo, Jodeci, K.Sweat etc..) loved his universal style (G.No sings italian, spanish, french, english), invited him to Louisville (Ky) and signed him to his label Bitterweet..Lucky? no. Work, Will & Faith..

Mediterranean influences mixed with True R'n'B. G.No wants Libertad. That's why many albums will b released this year. Expression & Revolution are the key words. With Smoke on his side, they feel ready to hit the world. Support them if u feel them!!!

Here is a track of Gno that you can listen to, you will need real audio to play it

Por Ahora Y Para Siempre

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