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First Time Around

Crew members Theo and Rich with Gavin Gregory on broadway stage (september 2007 NYC)Q: What is the challenge for you in the entertainment industry?
A:I am a working actor/singer and sometimes am tied to lengthy contracts like singing on a cruise ship or performing with a stage show and for that reason it becomes difficult to promote your on project and/or product which is so important in this industry.

Q: You currently perform in the the musical "The Lion King", is performing in musicals as satisfactory as performing solo as a singer?
A: For me it isn't, although you are gratified by doing the project, there is nothing like performing something you have created!

Q: While lot's of singers only sing about love and romance you address an issue as home violence (BabySista) as well. Why have you chosen to do that?
A: It is an issue that needs to be addressed more frequently! We all know people who deal with it and never find resolve. Some people get into violatile relationships without thinking. They end up being used as a result of it. Sometimes they get involved with people for reasons like money, looks, and status and end up loosing themselves in the process.

Q: Do you think that artists could help to change certain situations if they are more socially engaged in what they sing?
A: Definitely! When you are blessed with a gift to reach people you must take responsibilty. I believe you can sing about issues of life, but you should offer some kind of resolve to the problem.Gavin Gregory

Q: What is one of the best love songs you ever heard?
A: I assume you mean romantic love song, and with that, this is a hard question to answer because I love so many styles of music. The first song that comes to mind a remake by a jazz singer who blows me away, I just love her, Dianne Reeves and her renditions of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". Listen to it!

Q: And the best socially engaged song you ever heard?
A: Without a doubt Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"!!!

Q: Why did you do all the vocals on the EP yourself?
A: I wanted to reveal me in every facet to the listener. Plus, I'm so close to these songs because I wrote them and wanted them expressed the way I invisioned them. Prince was a major influence in that decision, he did it all.

Q: When can we expect a full length album?
A: Spring 2004!!!

Q: To which song on "He's a Millionaire" are you listening or have you been listening the most?
A: The title cut only because it really speaks to my heart to stay grounded and I think the message is really powerful " ain't the root of evil if you spend it right, dig deep into your conscience and you'll win the fight". Man, that was like God himself speaking through me. The other songs I love too, but they were things that I experienced.

Q: What is the last album you bought and why did you buy it?
A: I'm currently in Memphis, Tennessee where Isaac Hayes resides and has a great restaraunt I frequent. He came to the show "The Lion King" and met with the whole cast. He was truly so nice I couldn't believe it, and I realized although I grew up listening to him and enjoy him, I didn't personally own anything by him, so I decided to get a greatest hits collection by him. He was a true pioneer. Of the current material, one of the latest I purchased in Lizz Wright! Oh my God, what a voice. I hope she gets on every radio station in the world. Now that's true talent!!!

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Gavin Gregory Gavin Gregory is not just a singer but also a song stylist and an actor. Raised as a child in Warren, Ohio and born into a man in Atlanta, Georgia, Gavin was accustomed to hearing great soul music as a child with his Mother & Father constantly supplying the household with soul legends like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye. As he matured his oldest brother, a jazz musician, bought him his first instrument, a trumpet. From there his musical tastes broadened and he was exposed to great jazz vocalists and musicians such as Al Jarreau, Dianne Reeves, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Santana, and Tower Of Power to name a few. Being attracted and exposed to such great music, Gavin saw how the musicians he looked up to related to their audience on record and in concert. His desire is to emotionally connect to his audience as his forefathers of soul did before him. After doing a talent show in junior high school, he was completely sure that singing and acting was to be his vocation. Prince was a favorite of his growing up and studying him made his falsetto soar! He got involved in the arts in school and beyond. Gavin moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he dealt with aspiring producers but realized he should continue acting as well. There he got involved in musical theatre working in some of Atlanta’s most prestige’s houses such as The Alliance Theatre, The Fox, Actors’ Express, and Seven Stages. His vocal talents didn’t stop at singing as he has become one of Atlanta’s top voice over talent for radio and television commercials regionally and nationally for such companies as Coca Cola, Ford, & La Face Records to name a few. Recently he has been chosen to do what many call “The Broadway of the Seas” performing on the worlds’ largest cruise ship “The Explorer of the Seas” whose theatre houses over 1,300 people and rivals most Broadway houses for its sets, technical aspects, and sheer beauty.

Gavin GregoryBeing exposed to many different cultures performing on the worlds’ largest cruise ship, Gavin has opened his musical ears to listen to what the world says making his music transcend all ethnic lines by making what so many try so hard to do, SOUL MUSIC. His musical translations unashamedly exposes a mans soul. Many men today can’t emote like the forefathers of soul except for women as it comes natural for them, but Gavin isn’t afraid to expose his soul, thereby exposing the beauty that comes with that exposure.

On first listen of Gavin’s EP "He’s A Millionaire", Gavin seems to have the presence of a veteran of soul music. Tackling such issues as getting engaged ($$$ On Ya Finger), lifestyles of the rich (He’s A Millionaire), crazy love (Over & Over (Again)), relationship issues (Edge of the Bed), and domestic abuse (BabySista).

He was cast in Disney’s “The Lion King” and in 2006, a dream came true as he was cast in the Broadway hit, Oprah Winfrey’s “The Color Purple”. Finally he made it to Broadway!

He has just released his first full length CD/Album “First Time Around”. It’s all about life’s situations he’s experienced, broken into three parts.
Part 1. Where Is The Love: songs about questionable love
Part 2. A New Love: songs about the courtship of a fresh relationship
Part 3. Good Love: songs about how love feels when you’re in a great relationship.

Embarking on a career for film, stage, and music, Gavin is primed to be the next big thing in entertainment.

First Time Around
Gavin Gregory - First Time Around Track Listing:
01. Money On Your Finger
02. Close That Door
03. Edge Of The Bed
04. Take Me Under
05. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin
06. Because Of Love
07. First Time Around
08. Get Into My Lovin'
09. You're Amazing
10. Crazy (Without Your)
11. Over & Over (Again)
12. He's A Millionaire
He's A Millionaire
Gavin Gregory - He's A Millionaire Track Listing:
01. $$$...On Ya Finger
02. He's A Millionaire
03. Over & Over (Again)
04. Edge Of The Bed
05. BabySista

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