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Nothing But Love Spoken Here

Felton PilateFelton Pilate, long-time lead vox for Mercury/PolyGram's ConFunkShun, steps out with a fantastic solo LP entitled, "Nothing But Love Spoken Here". With his flair for the pop/AC-flavored bump and grind goodies, Pilate really lets loose with this 10-song set of slow to mid-tempo love anthems. Unlike many R&B ballad offerings, it is more about love than simply lust. The album title cut is a riveting soul scorcher, a true-love tale of sensuous melodic power. His signature lush arrangements are consistent song after song, but "In Time" has a patient chorus of flowing grandeur. "Different Lives", a melancholy story about forlorn regrets, has movie-theme quality. Pilate's silky falsetto is given free reign and soars throughout - with a delightful showing in "Keepin' You To Your Promise" - originally penned by Pilate for The Stylistics; they recorded it as a Pilate/Preston Glass co-production, but Pilate proves very capable in his rendition as well. A Taste Of Honey's Janice-Marie Johnson duets with him on "Only For You" about that elusive quality, devotion. Providing all the production, songwriting, most of the vocals and instrumental tracks, Pilate exquisitely demonstrates his many talents in the recording booth and at the mixing console, too. On the whole, this LP is truly a confession of love on many gone good - gone mad levels - all intimate - Nothing But...Love Spoken Here.

Originally, Pilate exploded into the national spotlight with ConFunkShun with a formidable run of ten huge records including one Platinum and four consecutive Gold albums. Their 20 hit singles included 8 Top Ten R&B Hits and one #1 R&B smash. Alongside blistering dance workouts like "Chase Me", "Ms. Got-The-Body", and "Ffun" are their quiet storm slow jams for which Pilate is noted. Classic faves such as, "Straight From The Heart", "(Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind", "All Up To You", and "Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love)" whet the appetite for this new LP. These Pilate vocal hits remain on radio play lists while ConFunkShun continues to churn out concert dates year after year. Pilate and ConFunkShun really sparkle on TV events like "Sinbad's HBO Soul Music Special," "Motown Live" and "Vibe." Recent LP releases include "The Best Of Con Funk Shun Vol. 1 & 2", "Live For Ya A**" - the live LP, "The Ballads Collection", and the re-release of the Gold LP, "Secrets" on CD, and “Greatest Hits” among others.

Felton PilatePilate is just as well known for his production/writing with rap phenom M.C. Hammer. The Hammer-Pilate joint effort staggers the imagination with sales from '89 to '92 alone of 30 million, including "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em", the #2 all-time selling R&B LP. The awards, such as Grammys, M-TV, American Music, Billboard, and Soul Train, among others, lauded on his mix magic with Hammer are too numerous to mention. He also doubled as Musical Director for Hammer's record breaking 250-date world tour which included the Earth, Wind and Fire horn section, and over 40 musicians, singers, dancers, & rappers. Other landmarks in Pilate's Capitol Records days include his film and TV soundtrack work, such as his Oscar-nominated "Addams Groove" (Addams Family Movie theme) and "Hammerman" (Hammerman cartoon show). Pilate also has production/writing credits with the California State Lottery radio and TV campaign slogan "I Feel Like The Lucky One". His influence reverbs on countless samples like the D-Shot/Jive Records single, "Huckleberry", featured on the GOLD Columbia Pictures soundtrack, "Booty Call" and the DOUBLE PLATINUM "Gang Related" soundtrack cut "A Change Is Gonna Come", by J. Flexx. The recent eponymous PLATINUM debut LP, Dru Hill, with Pilate's re-vibed Con Funk Shun classic, “Love's Train”, produced by Keith Sweat demonstrates how his music has crossed over to Generation Next. "Love Therapy", is the title track he produced/wrote on the new Lenny Williams LP. Most recently, he produced a cut, "Tell Me" on Evander Hollyfield's Real Deal Records new male vocal act, Four Shades. True to his calling, Pilate emotes love's many facets, song after song, whether as producer, writer or artist. "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" fits in the Pilate mold and keeps on proving that his style and message are, indeed, universal and timeless...

Nothing But Love Spoken Here
Felton Pilate - Nothing But Love Spoken Here Track Listing:
1. Nothing But Love Spoken Here
2. Different Lives
3. Devotion
4. In Time
5. Takin' It from the Top
6. Only for You
7. Watch You
8. Keepin' You to Your Promise
9. Yours for Life
10. Be My Baby
11. Always Come Back to You
12. Nothing But Love Spoken Here [U.S. Remix #1]
13. Nothing But Love Spoken Here [Euro Remix]
14. Nothing But Love Spoken Here [U.S. Remix #2]
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