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Eric Roberson

America’s trailblazing independent soul star Eric Roberson returns with a new album “The Box” which, in something of a departure for him, features more live instrumentation including strings and horns. The theme of the album – his 10th - is the boombox. “I was born and raised a hip hop kid with my sister’s boombox by my side,” he explains. “No matter whether I’m wearing a tailored suit, top hat and brogues, that boombox mentality is still present. Musically that’s what we are after on this album…. that boom bap that’s meant to get your heart rate up”. “The Box” shows the evolution of the Roberson sound, slightly jazzy in places, influenced by the music of different cities – among them New Orleans, Washington DC and Atlanta. Guests include Blackstreet’s Dave Hollister on the title track, King – a talented Los Angeles female vocal trio who have opened for Prince – and Pharoahe Monch, “one of my favourite rappers”. Eric’s previous album “Mister Nice Guy” hit the Top 5 of the iTunes US R&B Albums, and he has twice been nominated for a Grammy in recent years. He believes the new album demonstrates his determination to embrace growth, while at the same time not forgetting the person he is. One of his favourite songs is “Do The Same For Me” “because it was the last track we recorded and is still very fresh in my mind and heart”. The song features a cameo vocal from Eric’s father James. He recalls: “He was singing and looking at my mum with tears in his eyes. She was crying while she watched him in the vocal booth. That experience was one of the high points of recording this album”. Eric will be returning to the UK and Europe in the coming months for a round of live dates. His live set is always an experience. “Sure, a good part of the show is rehearsed and prepared, but a lot of it is feeding off the crowd,” says Eric. “It’s a lot of improv, theatre, church, stand up and a party all mixed into one”.

The Box
Eric Roberson - B-Sides, Features & Heartaches Track Listing:
01. Lust for Love featuring Tracey Lee
02. The Box featuring Dave Hollister
03. I'm Not Trying to Keep Score No More
04. Don't Hide Your Wings
05. Just Imagine featuring King
06. Pill
07. Haunted
08. The Cycle featuring Pharoahe Monch
09. Warm
10. Mark on Me
11. Punch Drunk Love
12. Do the Same for Me featuring Pop
B-Sides, Features & Heartaches
Eric Roberson - B-Sides, Features & Heartaches Track Listing:
01. Let Me Know - Angela Johnson featuring Eric Roberson
02. Postcards from the Edge - Wes Felton featuring Eric Roberson
03. Butterfly Girl - DJ Spinna featuring Eric Roberson
04. Touch - Colette featuring Eric Roberson and Monet
05. Anymore - Eric Roberson
06. Far Away Girl - Aaron Camper featuring Eric Roberson
07. Fantasy - Eric Roberson
08. She Was Fly - Full Crate & Mar featuring Eric Roberson
09. This Could Be The Night - Zo! featuring Eric Roberson
10. Deja-Vous - Les Nubians featuring Eric Roberson
11. Be A Humanitarian - Steve Wallace featuring featuring Eric Roberson and others
12. Games - M-Swift featuring Eric Roberson
13. Fortune Teller - DJ Kermint featuring Eric Roberson
Mister Nice Guy
Eric Roberson - Mister Nice Guy Track Listing:
01. Mister Nice Guy
02. Strangers
03. Summertime Anthem featuring Chubb Rock
04. Come With Me featuring The Ones “Yaw and Khari”
05. Picture Perfect featuring Phonte
06. Fall
07. Shake Her Hand
08. The Magician
09. Love’s Withdrawal featuring Omari Hardwick
10. How Would I Feel? featuring Jean Baylor
11. Talking Reckless
12. At The Same Time
13. Male Ego featuring Hezekiah
14. Try Love
15. All For Me
Music Fan First
Eric Roberson - Music Fan First Track Listing:
01. The Newness
02. The Hunger featuring W. Ellington Felton)
03. A Tale Of Two featuring Ben O'Neil and Michelle Thompson
04. Borrow You
05. Dealing featuring Lalah Hathaway
06. Still
07. How Could She Do It?
08. Further featuring T3 From Slum Village
09. The Power That Kisses Hold
10. Howard Girls featuring Brandon Hines, Aaron Abernathy & Geno Young
11. Weekend Getaway
12. She
13. Wanna Believe It Again featuring Wayna
14. Bad For Me
15. Break It Down
16. Pave A New Road
17. Celebrate featuring Sy Smith
The Collection
Eric Roberson - The Collection Track Listing:
01. Runnin'
02. Everything Changes
03. Turn Me Loose
04. Higher Than This
05. Alone
06. Love Never Changes
07. Please Stay
08. Knockin'
09. Say No
10. Goin' Thru Changes
11. I Need Love
12. Trippin'
13. Answer to Why
14. Them Changes
Eric Roberson - ...Left Track Listing:
01. Music
02. Evening
03. Been In Love featuring Phonte from Little Brother
04. Pen Just Cries Away
05. ILuvU2Much featuring Algebra Blessett
06. Only For You
07. Pretty Girl
08. Too Soon
09. If I Had A Chance
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Right Or Wrong
12. Baby Song
13. Couldn't Hear Her featuring Curt Chambers
14. The Smoke Signals - Man Who Had It All
The Appetizer
Eric Roberson - The Appetizer Track Listing:
01. N2U featuring Marsha Ambrosius
02. What I Gotta Do?
03. Painkiller
04. Hesitation
05. Just A Dream
06. Softest Lips
07. Momma Told Me
08. The Moon
09. We Can't Pretend
10. For Da Love Of Da Game
The Vault Vol. 1.5
Eric Roberson - Presents: The Vault Vol. 1.5 Track Listing:
01. Couldn't hear me
02. Right back to you
03. Please don't leave me
04. Lil money
05. Def ears
06. Past paradise
07. She ought to know
08. Obstacles
09. Find the way
10. Rock With You
11. Change for me
12. I have a song
The Vault Vol. 1.0
Eric Roberson - Presents: The Vault Vol. 1.0 Track Listing:
01. Couldn't Hear Me
02. Past Paradise
03. Rock With You
04. Please Don't Leave Me
05. Hold On
06. Rain On My Parade
07. Rebound
08. Should We Try
09. One Time featuring Jill Scott
10. When Love Calls
11. Be WIth You
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The Esoteric Movement
Eric Roberson - The Esoteric Movement Track Listing:
01. Genesis
02. 4U
03. Please Don't Leave Me
04. Morning After
05. Crazy
06. Rain On My Parade
07. Miles Away
08. Funny Feelings
09. She Went Away
10. What Is Love Made Of
11. New Born Child
12. Woman
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