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Never Look Back

Ebony AlleyneEbony Alleyne's magnificent album of generic live "real" smooth sophisticated soul music, with a huge orchestra (sixty strings, thirty brass), with a Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick flavour overall was released on the 25th June on Expansion Records! Much of it was conceptualised and recorded well before Nora Jones, Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae, and most particularly Amy Winehouse, all hit with basically the same thing. Everyone involved with making it, believed the Ebony album to be utterly utterly wonderful, and they are all so proud of it.

It initially took a year and a half to make the first draft, and now a further three years to fine tune and change and add new tracks til it felt like a complete masterpiece, and the legendary A&R genius, Muff Winwood, oversaw it all personally. "Walk Away And Never Look Back", was the first song they recorded. Ebony was introduced to the soul scene by reactivating the old classic Okeh label, owned by Sony, and pressing up tiny limited edition batches of three different singles on the Okeh label. These were produced on seven inch vinyl and "Walk Away And Never Look Back" was the first of the three singles to be released.

Renowned producer Ian Levine has always had the ultimate faith in Ebony's artistry. As he wrote in an article in 2002: “Ebony Alleyne had become slightly legendary in the music business already. At 19 years old she'd had one of the highest advances, in a bidding war where every major UK record company wanted to sign her…. When she performed at Togetherness I've never seen a standing ovation like it, even for Phillip Mitchell or JJ Barnes, and this was an artist the audience hadn't seen before. Ebony Alleyne has arrived. Without wishing to pat myself on the back, I was so proud to be part of something that truly justifies my working in this sometimes miserable business.

The Ebony Alleyne album is, to me, the finest point of a career that now spans 27 years of producing records, but I've never had a chance with a budget like this, or with a voice like this, to really go to town and make the kind of records that I always longed to make all of my life.”br/>

Life is all about timing. Ebony's time is now. It took a long time to get the album right til we were all happy and ready to release it, but now here it is…
Her time was not ready in 2003, but now in 2007, it's all coming back together to the point when Ebony gets launched properly as she has always deserved.
Ian Levine and Ebony just cut a brand new track, "You Caught Me Off Guard", and they have shot 5 videos for MySpace, and Expansion Records, under the auspices of Soul legend Ralph Tee. All three are one hundred percent committed to the album ‘Never Look Back’.

It's a new day and a new future for Ebony Alleyne.

Never Look Back
Ebony Alleyne - Never Look Back Track Listing:
01. You Caught Me Off Guard
02. Second Look
03. Walk Away And Never Look Back
04. My Man
05. Know Your Way
06. Hello Stranger
07. Looking Over My Shoulder
08. No More Time
09. Every Lonely Street
10. In Love With A Stranger
11. Merry Go Round
12. All For Nothing
13. Love Is Not A Game
14. Tell Me The Secret

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