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Donell Jones

Donell JonesYou were first introduced to Donell Jones through his creative talents with a pen. Responsible for label mate Usher's top ten single "Think Of You" amongst other songs written and/or produced for artists such as Madonna, Brownstone, Silk and Jade, Donell expressed his exceptional talent and love for music behind the scenes. In 1996 LaFace Records and Untouchables Entertainment introduced you to the soulful flavor of Donell Jones- the artist.

Not your typical singer, Donell talks in a quiet voice, and his music is reflection of the craftsmanship of musicians of yesteryear who caressed lush ballads and sensuous mid-tempo songs like they were rare, precious stones. A self - taught musician, Donell chooses to play everything himself on the tracks he produces. He is influenced to the likes of Stevie Wonder ("His songs are like poetry") The Isley Brothers ("The mellowness of their music combined with their groove is something that never dies") and Teddy Pendergrass because of his ability to "make you feel what he's singing". Donell carries the same respect for the art form as his predecessor by setting the stage for his funkladen production to serve as the pathway for lyrics of love and respect to walk hand in hand in the hood.

Donell wrote nearly all of the tracks on his debut album, My Heart, and produced seven songs. His first single "In the Hood," sure to be heard in neighborhoods everywhere, has a laid back groove with smooth lyrics that croon" This is for my playas in the hood, up to no good, let's kick it like we really should, it's just an ordinary day." An exceptional remake of Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet" makes you feel the emotion and soul filled sounds of Donell's vocal talent. "No Interruptions," speaks about privacy between lovers, and the most abrasive track on the album. "I was just having fun with the song," admits Donell. "I'm more into love and stuff, but this song was written because I wanted to see If I had it in me to do that type of song. Donell chose to saturate his album with tender, moving lyrics. "I think that as musicians we should talk more about things that occur at their age level," says Donell.

Inspired by his father (also a musicians) while growing up. Donell starting singing at the age of eight, penned his first song at the age of 12, and took refuge in an art form that wound up steering him away from the negativity of Chicago's neighborhoods. "When I was home," starts the reserved Donell, "I was influenced by a lot of peer pressure and being with the wrong people. It was rough; a lot of gang violence. ..."My music," continues Donell, "got me away."
Donell was discovered at the Black Radio Exclusive (BRE) Conference in Washington, D.C. by Edward "Eddie F" Ferrell, President of Untouchables Entertainment, VP, of A&R at Motown Records and former member of the multi-platinum rap group Heavy D and the Boyz. Donell and the members of the group he was in at the time, approached "Eddie F" and asked him to listen to them sing. "We had a showcase, but no one came, so we around asking people if we could sing for them," says Donell. "We asked Eddie and he said 'Yeah". We did and he said, "I like you guys, give me your number and I want to do something with you". A month later "Eddie F" sent plane tickets for the the group and offered them a deal on Untouchables/LaFace Records. Two months later after recording "I Can Make You Feel Good" for a compilation album, the group broke up, and Donell became a solo artist.
Donell Jones
These days Donell Jones is happy with his role as a father, yet has his sights set on changing the current face of R&B music the same way he has contributed to the scope of music for years, by staying true to his craft. Under the umbrella of his own label, Jones is looking to restore the love in music, in an otherwise loveless musical landscape worldwide. Lyrics have been the window to his soul since his debut nearly 15 years ago and Donell Jones has not stopped wearing his heart on his sleeve ever since. With his latest offering "Lyrics" Jones has taken control of his affairs and with his own label Candyman Music through eOne Music, the album boasts an impressive showing at No. 9 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and at No. 28 on the Billboard it’s second week. Lead single "Love Like This" has reached the top 10 in the Adult R&B airplay chart. Donell Jones doesn’t plan on following the ever changing climate of the music industry; he just plans to keep doing what feels good and creating timeless music in the process.

Donell Jones - Lyrics Track Listing:
01. The World Is Yours
02. Your Place
03. Love Like This
04. Imagine That
05. Backdoor
06. Blackmail
07. All About The Sex
08. Stripclub featuring Yung Joc
09. What's Next
10. You Can Burn
11. The Finer Things In Life
12. Just A Little
13. O How I Wonder
The Lost Files
Donell Jones - The Lost Files Track Listing:
01. Free
02. Superman
03. Badboy
04. Marry Me
05. Forever
06. Sergeant Louise
07. Reggae Remix
08. Assville
09. Groove On
10. Allnight
11. Stressin
Journey of a Gemini
Donell Jones - Journey of a Gemini Track Listing:
01. Special Girl
02. Better Start Talking
03. I'm Gonna Be
04. My Apology
05. Spend The Night
06. Portrait Of A Woman
07. Cry
08. Ooh Na Na
09. Feelin' You
10. Can't Wait
11. Lust Or Love
12. If U Want
13. Cuttin' Me Off
14. Another Life
15. I'm Gonna Be
Life Goes On
Donell Jones - Life Goes On Track Listing:
01. Still
02. Put Me Down
03. You Know That I Love You
04. Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) (Part 2)
05. Do U Wanna
06. Life Goes On
07. Freakin' U
08. Gotta Get Her (Outta My Head)
09. Guilty by Suspicion
10. Don't Leave
11. Comeback
12. I Hope It's You
13. Girl's Friend
Where I Wanna Be
Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be Track Listing:
01. U Know What's Up
02. Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
03. Where I Wanna Be
04. Have You Seen Her
05. This Luv
06. All Her Love
07. It's Alright
08. Think About It (Don't Call My Crib)
09. He Won't Hurt You
10. Pushin'
11. I Wanna Luv You
12. U Know What's Up (remix) featuring Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
My Heart
Donell Jones - My Heart  Track Listing:
01. In The Hood (Playas Version)
02. Knocks Me Off My Feet
03. No Interruptions
04. Waiting On You
05. I Want You To Know
06. My Heart
07. Yearnin'
08. Wish You Were Here
09. All About You
10. You Should Know
11. Natural Thang
12. Believe In Me
13. In The Hood (Remix)
14. Don't Cry
15. Only One You Need
Love Like This

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