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Donald Sheffey

Donald SheffeyDonald Sheffey is attempting to give music back to the that has conviction and a that gives good feelings and drives positive that you aren’t afraid your children will listen to.

Donald Sheffey grew up listening to and aspiring to be like some of the greats, what he calls, the REAL artist, like Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross, George Benson, James Ingram, Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Eryka Badu, Phyllis Hyman to name a few. He was also inspired by gospel music, singing in his church choir.

Because of the broad range of musical inspiration, Donald’s sound can be best described as eclectic as unique with a flash back feel, energetic grooves, and lyrics with a point, not a hook.

He believes that music is supposed to make you feel good and he loves coming up with new and fun ways to share it with his fans.

Donald got his first taste of the music business as a DJ in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. After a 10 year stint in sales and marketing, Donald decided to focus himself 100% on his first true love…music. This decision led him to New York City.

Through his years in New York with various internships, open mics, tours, showcases, and voice-over work, Donald learned that if you are going to be a real artist, you need to handle your own business affairs and become involved in the development of your career. Thus was the birth of Weezie Productions, Donald’s full service, and self-owned Production Company. The company is able to handle and has produced many television and radio commercials, voice overs along with writing and producing some of today’s best R&B, Adult Contemporary & Dance Music.

Weezie Productions
Donald Sheffey Listen to Come And Dance With Me a track from the Donald Sheffey album See You Tonight.

"Come And Dance With Me"

I'm Bumping To It
This Is Life
Donald Sheffey - This Is Life

01. A Party Going On
02. I Won't Forget You
03. The Love of My Life
04. Turn It Out
05. Come Into My Love
06. Hot Lover
07. Strawberry Letter
08. This Is Life
09. I'm in to You
10. Get Away
11. I've Got Your Back
12. Get Out

Between You And I
Donald Sheffey - Between You And I

01. Good Times
02. I'm Bumping To It
03. Loving You Today
04. In Love
05. Take You Home
06. Gifted
07. Between You and I
08. Time Out For Love
09. Steppin' Out
10. One For Me
11. What You Need
12. For Your Love

See You Tonight
Donald Sheffey - See You Tonight

01. My Heart
02. I'll Be Here
03. Tonight
04. Every Day
05. So Far Away
06. I Don't Want You Back
07. Waiting
08. See You Tonight
09. On My Mind
10. Let's Go Away
11. Come And Dance With Me
12. Have Some Fun Tonight
13. You Are

Let's Be Lovers
Donald Sheffey - Let's Be Lovers

01. Just Because
02. Sweet Heart
03. My Love
04. I'm Truly Yours
05. Get Up
06. Let's Be Lovers
07. At The Party
08. Don't Throw Our Love Away
09. Fly Away
10. Come With Me
11. Just Like That

The Remix (Part 1)
Donald Sheffey - The Remix (Part 1)

01. Musical Chairs
02. Hot Mess
03. Happy
04. Me, Myself, and I
05. Feel The Music
06. Musical Chairs (inst.)
07. Hot Mess (inst.)
08. Happy (inst.)
09. Me, Myself, and I (inst.)

Welcome Into Love
Donald Sheffey - Welcome Into Love

01. The Morning Dew
02. Move Your Body
03. Walk Away
04. True Colors
05. The Beginning
06. Hot Mess
07. Stay With Me
08. Welcome Into Love
09. Happy
10. Work It
11. All I Have To Say
12. Bounce With Me

We Were Meant To Be
Donald Sheffey - We Were Meant To Be

01. Why Should I Cry Over You
02. Feel The Music
03. Party People
04. Without You
05. Will You Marry Me
06. Preach
07. We Were Meant To Be
08. I Like To Groove
09. Let The Music Take Control
10. The Club
11. I Don't Ever Want To Know
12. That's My Song

The Very Thought Of You
Donald Sheffey - The Very Thought Of You

01. Sweet Sensation
02. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah
03. The Very Thought Of You
04. Me, Myself, And I
05. So What

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