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Darryl Stephens

Darryl Stephens
"Darryl Stephens started acting while attending UC Berkeley. After studying and performing for three semesters, he joined cult camp theater troupe SASSYMOUTH and performed in shows like "Medea the Musical," "Joy," "Napoleon, the Camp Drag Disco Musical Extravaganza" and "Combat!: An American Melodrama" in San Francisco's theater district. After taking "Medea" to HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, he moved to LA to get into film and television.

His first television role was on MTV's "Undressed," where he played a horny high school student trying to seduce girls with scary movies. Soon after, he played opposite Shannon Elizabeth and Steven Segal's son, Kintaro, in what he calls 'one sucky ass movie,' "Seamless." Within the year he also booked the role of Julian, the DJ predisposed to love-triangles, in the film "Circuit." After supporting roles on CBS' "That's Life" and a short- lived VH1 show called "Red Eye" with comedian Katt Williams, he decided to get back to the stage.

He did a few small plays ("Joy," "Bent," "Medea") and soon realized that he would never be satisfied with the lackluster theater scene in LA. He studied with Tony Greco in LA and with Gary Imhoff at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, booked a few commercials and then decided to try and get serious about his film career.

Darryl StephensAnxious to get more work under his belt, he played a "slacker with a dark side" in the very indie-film "Not Quite Right."

Then he read for a role in a project tentatively titled "Hot Chocolate." He was familiar with an earlier film by the writer/director, Patrik Ian Polk, and when he booked a day player role as one of the main character's store clerks, he was just happy to be working. When Polk called him and told him he was changing the name of the project to "Noah's Arc" and offered him the role of Noah, Darryl was thrilled... and confused. He had no idea what was to be expected of the Noah character or what the plan was for launching the project. After filming a number of promotional short films and one and a half pilot episodes, the show was picked up by the new LOGO network. The television series ran for two seasons and became a cult hit. LOGO then decided to broaden Noah's audience by producing a feature film called "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom." Many in the industry were shocked when the show's legions of loyal fans made the low-budget romantic comedy a huge hit. The network then decided to entertain bringing the show back to the network.

The year he filmed the first season of "Noah," he also played a main character in Q. Allan Brocka's "Boy Culture" and a supporting role in Todd Stephens' "Another Gay Movie."

Recently, he played a waiter on "Ugly Betty," wrapped principal photography on the jazz biopic "Bolden," starring Anthony Mackie, Jackie Earle Haley and Wendell Pierce, voiced one episode of "Rick and Steve" with RuPaul and played a pimp in the "Tranny McGuyver" short film starring Willam Belli and Coco Peru, among many talented others.

He is also collaborating with two of his best friends on feature screenplays that he is very proud of and hopes to get produced within the year. Darryl is excited about continuing to expand his body of work and challenging people's preconceived notions about what black men can do."

In 2010, Stephens released his first single "Envious Moon" and is set to record his first Music Project. He also guest starred in an episode of Private Practice, playing a pre-op transgendered character.

Envious Moon (CD single)
Darryl Stephens - Envious Moon


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