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Can't Get Enough

Darrius WillrichSeattle’s soul-singer-songwriter Darrius Willrich drips a sensuous interplay of soul, jazz, and inner city longings. Sure to engage your all your senses, with the look, sound and feel of yesterday’s soul-today. The spirit of Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, and Herbie Hancock, season the musical stew that is Darrius...Sweet Urban Soul.

Being a trained jazz pianist, a soulful singer, and an intelligent songwriter, with love for hip-hop, Darrius Willrich delivers feel good music drawn from a wide skill spectrum. The lyrics and message uplift and encourage you to live and love without constraint.

Darrius Willrich’s sound is sweet, melodic, harmonically rich, and infectious. Initially inspired by Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Babyface, Darrius has crafted a fun, colorful, and sexy style. He is definitely top consideration as a soundtrack for love, sex, romance and living life fully.

With a degree in jazz piano, a voice full of tone, and songwriting rich in sensitivity, his songs take you back and propel you forward all at once. Darrius’ years of experience as an instrumentalist, sideman, leader, producer and recording artist, allow him to paint soul using a rich and diverse sonic palette of warm colors and textures. With the urban elements resonating in rich and thought provoking lyrics, Darrius mixes an array of genres delivering Sweet Urban Soul.

Darrius Willrich Listen to the title track from Darrius' album Can't Get Enough

"Can't Get Enough"

Can't Get Enough
Darrius - Can't Get Enough

01. All That I Want
02. Hold On To You - I
03. Promise Me Love
04. Back To You
05. Get It On
06. Whatchagonnado
07. Can't Get Enough
08. Wild In Me
09. Why Fight
10. All The Way Slow
11. Hold On To You - II
12. Desire
13. Where We Are
14. Get Down To This Loving

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