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Sweet Melodies

CrystalCrystal 's voice does the near impossible - it is at once delicate and powerful. With an angelic lightness reminiscent of Amel Larrieux and a soulful range similar to Minnie Riperton's, Crystal Night was clearly born to sing. A Georgia native, she has lived in Paris since 2000, performing regularly throughout the city's rich music circuit in both English and French. Drawing on her personal experiences, Crystal sings all original work, reflecting the depth, emotion and grace inherent in this young woman's spirit.

A graduate of Spelman College, Crystal Night was offered a position as an analyst on Wall Street but on a leap of faith, packed up and moved to Paris to try her hand at what she does best - sing. Crystal has performed in Atlanta at the Apache Cafe, in New York City at such venues as Cafe Wha?, 101 and Club Groove, at Paris' Opus Cafe, le Cercle Jazz, le Franc Pinot, le Triptyque and la Scene Bastille, and at London's the Spot, and the Ten Room. Crystal was featured in the WB's Pop Stars, as well as several international music festivals and showcases - a far cry from the little girl who used to charge her classmates a nickel on the playground to hear her sing. Having lived in Martinique, London, Germany, and several areas of France, Crystal is traveled and worldly, yet also possesses a girl next door quality, contributing to her boundary crossing appeal.

Blending elements of jazz, R'n'B, pop and soul, Crystal kisses each track with the soft sweet fluidity that laces her voice. As with artists like Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin, Crystal found her voice in church, giving her sound a gospel rooted richness. With so many artists today relying on flashy lights and back up dancers, it is nothing short of refreshing to hear a vocalist who can stand on the strength of her talent alone. Precise, true, generous, and well connected to her audience, Crystal's voice is incredibly soothing and balanced. It's a wonderful and welcomed surprise to find all these elements in tact on her first album, "Sweet Melodies."

Keep your eye out for this gifted singer-songwriter and the impact she will undoubtedly have on contemporary music as we know it.

Here is a track of Crystal that you can listen to, you will need real audio to play it

You Inspire...

Sweet Melodies
Crystal - Sweet Melodies Track Listing:
1. Welcome
2. Live Free
3. What I Feel
4. You Inspire...
5. Sweet Melodies
6. The Dancer

7. Vin Rouge
8. The Way To Paradise
9. Corner Café
10. No Love Lost
11. Write Me
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