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Anthony DavidAnthony David began his music career by writing ‘Part Of My Life’ for India.Arie’s debut album ‘Acoustic Soul’, and she reciprocates by duetting with him on ‘Words’, a song they co-wrote for his album, The Red Clay Chronicles.

Following the release of his second album Red Clay Chronicles in 2006 and a month-long UK and European tour which culminated in an appearance on TV show Later…with Jools Holland, we at Dome are pleased to play catch-up on the career of the Atlanta singer-songwriter by issuing his debut set 3 Chords & The Truth, with the addition of two remixes and a brand new bonus track Miss U, which is already being played heavily by London’s Choice FM.

Savannah, Georgia, was Anthony’s home before he moved to Atlanta to jumpstart his music career. Shortly after arriving, he befriended another young, aspiring artist –her name was India.Arie. “India was about the first person I met when I got to Atlanta. I saw her at The Underground and she looked cool, so we started talking, and I learned that we both liked the same artists, and we began sharing music. We were friends for 3 years before I even knew she could sing.” Through his friendship with India, he found an outlet to express his thoughts and emotions in songwriting. “India had been playing the guitar, so I bought one and started messing around with it.” He went on to write the song Part Of My Life for India’s critically acclaimed and multi-Grammy nominated debut album Acoustic Soul, and for a brief while he also managed India. Anthony offers his own version of Part Of My Life on the new album release.

“It wasn’t until I heard some Bill Withers songs that I got the inspiration to really try singing and then I sort of found my vocal stride. I’ve written stories all my life, so this is a continuation of that; I am a singer/songwriter first, I pick up instruments, learn ‘em and make songs with ‘em. While traveling around the country and Europe playing the last two years, I was able to soak up sounds from everywhere I went, which has had a big influence on me.”

Anthony David

Anthony has traveled extensively around Europe over the past three years, playing the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, several dates at London’s Jazz Café and shows in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Stockholm, building a decent fan following along the way. A major part of his game plan is to work live as much as he can in Europe and around the world.

David’s music is an R&B and soul melting pot. Echoes magazine wrote: “One of those guys with an almost conversational style of singing, he continues to relay his lyrical tales of love and life’s observations in a style that is so suited to late-night home listening it ought to come with a warning to pull the curtains and open a decent malt whisky.” The comment particularly relates to songs included on the largely acoustic Three Chords & The Truth set, notably Yes, Cold Turkey, Cheatin’ Man, Ain’t Enough For Me and Krooked Kop. The set closes with the urban groove of Miss U

Universal Records came calling in 2008, and released a compilation of the two indie records, titling the album Acey Duecy. The first single, Words, climbed up the charts and eventually garnered a Grammy nomination, and gaining even more fans. David is currently touring, and working on his new album, entitled, As Above, So Below. The current single 4evermore featuring Algebra, and Phonte from his album As Above So Below, shows that Anthony continues to deliver the feel good soul that he has become known for, and is a talent that is here to stay.

As Above So Below
Anthony David - Acey Duecey Track Listing:
01. As Above So Below
02. Let Me In
03. For Evermore featuring Algebra And Phonte
04. Reach Ya
05. What God Said
06. Rule The World
07. Girlfriend
08. Keep You Around
09. Get Around
10. Body Language
11. Outro
12. Backstreet
Acey Duecey
Anthony David - Acey Duecey Track Listing:
01. Stop Playin'
02. Something About You
03. Smoke One
04. Words featuring India.arie
05. Lady
06. Spittin' Game featuring LeMarquis Jefferson
07. Kinfolk
08. GA Peach
09. Cheatin' Man
10. Cold Turkey
11. Krooked Kop
3 Chords & the Truth (European Edition)
Anthony David - 3 Chords & the Truth Track Listing:
01. Yes
02. Heartstrings
03. Spittin' Game
04. Cold Turkey
05. Ga Peach
06. Believe Me
07. Ain't Enough For Me
08. Cheatin' Man
09. Skyline
10. Part Of My Life
11. Krooked Kop
12. Water/The Fire
13. Spittin' Game (ReMarquable Remix)
14. Yes (Salah Ananse Remix)
15. Miss U (Bonus Track)
The Red Clay Chronicles
Anthony David - The Red Clay Chronicles Track Listing:
01. Stop Playin'
02. Smoke One
03. Everything Is Everything
04. Words featuring India.Arie
05. On And On
06. Lady
07. Atl Sunshine
08. Something About You
09. Sho Nuff
10. Better Than
11. Red Clay Chronicles
12. Kin Folk
13. Smoke One With Earl featuring Earl Klugh
14. 50/50 Love
15. Ga Peach featuring Julie Dexter
16. Spittin' Game
3 Chords & the Truth
Anthony David - 3 Chords & the Truth Track Listing:
01. Yes
02. Heartstrings
03. Spittin' Game (Live)
04. Cold Turkey
05. 50/50 Love
06. GA Peach
07. Believe Me
08. Ain't Enough for Me
09. Cheatin' Man
10. Skyline
11. Part of My Life
12. Krooked Kop
13. Water/The Fire
14. GA Peach (Remix)
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