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Walking With The Night

Adriana EvansAdriana Evans also known as Adriana Madera, is not just a beautiful face. She is truly a one of a kind artist, the likes of which have not been seen since Natalie Cole and Chaka Khan. She is the daughter of jazz recording artist Mary Stallings, who sang with Count Basie, Dizzie Gillespie and Cal Tjader. Adriana was raised in the Haight Ashbury and Mission District of San Francisco. Exposed early in life to the sounds of jazz and blues by her mother and also the explosive sounds of Afro Cuban music from her father's culture she was destined to be a musical sponge. Her love for soul, rock and hip hop added more to her rich musical tapestry.

When she was a freshman in college she befriended the aspiring rapper Dred Scott. This chance encounter led her to collaboration on his 1994 A&M records release "Breaking Combs". Just one year later she and Dred wrote and recorded her debut self titled album on Capitol records. A political shake up at Capitol landed Adriana and the record on RCA/Loud Records. The album was thought to be somewhat revolutionary. It was the first so called "Neo Soul record" at the time. The use of live instrumentation combined with the classic sound of Adriana's vocals took a lot of people off guard. When you think about the musical landscape in 1995, you understand that this album was extremely groundbreaking. It was completely devoid of the synthetic mechanical sounds and stacked vocal stylings of music from that era. Yet this is typical for Adriana, who always finds herself ahead of the curve.

El Camino - Adriana Evans Released March 12th on Expansion Records

After the release of her first album she became disenchanted with the politics of music. She travelled the world finding an unlimited source of creative inspiration. She spent much of her time in Latin America feeling at home in the relaxed musically enriched environment. Brazil became a home away from home for her spiritually and musically. Upon her return to the US she began assembling her second record "Nomadic". This was a project that she and longtime collaborator "Dred Scott" really enjoyed. It is an eclectic reflection of her musical journey. "Nomadic" incorporates the sounds of Latin, rock, soul, jazz, blues and hip hop. It reflects the variety of manifestations of black music in the Americas. She states, "Africans came to North America, South America and the Carribean via the slave trade and through some sort of alchemy turned pain into beauty. They gave the world their music!" "Nomadic" honors their remarkable contributions.

Her CD, "El Camino" blends the familiar sounds of her first recording with the growth of her second CD. The musical emphasis of this work is based more on the soul tradition yet it still has eclectic elements that reflect Adriana's unique perspective. The title "El Camino" means the road or path in Spanish. This CD is about Adriana's overall journey, starting from the beginning of her career to the present. El Camino is a path that brings Adriana back to the source and beyond.

Adriana’s back in 2010 with a brand new record, the brilliant “Walking With The Night” (released on Expansion Records), a stylistic return to the authentic soul magic of her critically acclaimed RCA debut, the 1997 Billboard R&B hit “Adriana Evans”.

From the very first sound, the opening drum, bass and tambourine wack at the beginning of track 1 (“Waiting”) you’d be forgiven for thinking the Funk Brother’s were back in the Detroit snakepit. That is until the strings, horns and familiar voice of Adriana Evans soar from the speakers.

Once again Evans has teamed up with long-time collaborator, producer and other half, Jonathon “Dred” Scott to create a record of contemporary soul music influenced by the vintage classics of the 60’s through 80’s. Recorded by living, breathing musicians with real instruments; the credits list trumpets, saxophones, flugal horns, flutes, drums, vibes, strings, guitars, keys and bass as being present in the Los Angeles based studio. All complimented by the gorgeous vocals of Adriana herself, daughter of Jazz singer Mary Stallings and god-daughter to jazz saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders.

Standouts include the aforementioned opener “Waiting”, a glorious sweet soul gem with a fatback Motown style beat. The first single “Weatherman”; a “Mr. Big Stuff” influenced feel good pop-soul monster complete with “Shoo-doo’s”, the UK soul crowd will love the classy, sparkling title track “Walking With The Night” and the muted trumpet blown, uptempo dancefloor killer “Surrender” (where Adriana implores you to party like it’s 1979). Another highlight is the beautifully sung, vibes led, Philly soul’ish slowie “Sooner Or Later”, which calms down the bpm’s (if not the heartbeat).

Already destined to be highlighted in the end of year albums honours list, “Walking With The Night” confirms that Adriana Evans is one of the best vocalists of the neo-soul generation.

El Camino
Adriana Evans - Walking With The Night Track Listing:
01. Waiting
02. Suddenly
03. Midnight
04. Love Me On The One
05. Never Thought
06. Surrender
07. Astral Projection
08. Let You Get Away
09. Sooner or Later
10. Walking With The Night
11. Weatherman
12. El Sol
13. Set In Stone
14. Weatherman (12" Version)
El Camino
Adriana Evans - El Camino Track Listing:
01. Hey Now
02. All For Love
03. Calling Me
04. Underneath The Stars
05. Before You
06. Blue Bird
07. Never Knew
08. Blue Bird In Bahia
09. World On Fire
10. Same As I Ever Was
11. Undercover
12. El Camino
Adriana Evans - Nomadic Track Listing:
01. Intro: Walking In The Sun
02. Remember The Love
03. Cold As Ice
04. In Search Of
05. What It Is
06. Something
07. I Had A Dream
08. Midnight In Bahia
09. 7 Days
10. Morning Light
11. I Hear Music
12. Rollin On
13. Former Self
Adriana Evans
Adriana Evans - Adriana Evans Track Listing:
01. Love Is All Around
02. Seein' Is Believing
03. Heaven
04. Reality
05. Hey Brother
06. Trippin'
07. I'll Be There
08. Love Me
09. Looking for Your Love
10. Swimming
11. Say You Won't
12. In the Sun

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